ALSC Draft Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Dear Members,

Please see below for a copy of the ALSC Draft Strategic Plan 2012-2017. There you can also download a work form with ideas and comments.

This draft plan is the direct result of an all-day planning session held in October 2010 with the ALSC Board of Directors and the ALSC Priority Group Consultants. During this meeting, participants reviewed ALSC’s current strategic plan, and through thoughtful conversations, developed a new vision, goals and objectives for ALSC to pursue over the next five years. Feedback was also gathered from ALSC committee chairs and members during the 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting. Additionally, the plan was shaped in part from a study of emerging issues, trends, conditions, and opportunities conducted by ALSC’s 2009-2010 Emerging Leader group.

We now invite ALSC members to provide feedback on the vision, goals and objectives as described in the Strategic Plan. After reviewing the goals and objectives, we also invite you to comment on specific activities you feel would help ALSC achieve each goal and objective, and that would benefit you as a professional.

Please note that some of our current committees are conducting work and projects within ALSC that are operational, rather than strategic. As a result, not every committee, program, or service is directly reflected in the goals and objectives; rather their work appears in the envisioned future and within the core values. The plan does not reflect everything we do, it is meant to stretch and move us forward as an association over the next five years.

We are interested in your thoughts regarding the draft strategic plan, and invite you to send the attached work form, along with your comments, to, by Friday, June 17, 2011.

We look forward to receiving your input regarding the plan, and thank you in advance for helping to shape the future of our association.


Julie Corsaro, ALSC President

Please click here to download the ALSC Draft Strategic Plan 2012-2017.

Please click here to download the work form.