Membership Types and Dues

Membership with ALSC is a fun and engaging way to enhance your career and build your professional resume. Prospective members can join ALSC in a number of ways.

To become members of ALSC, first you need to enroll into ALA membership. The individual and total dues listed below are valid for the period between September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

1. Personal Membership

Category ALSC Dues ALA Dues Total Description
Regular $50 $72*  $122 Includes librarians as well as others employed in library and information services or related activities in positions that: (a) require a master's degree; (b) require a state level certification; or (c) are managerial.
Student $20 $38 $58 Includes individuals enrolled in a program for a certificate or a degree in library and information studies. Student membership is limited to five total years.
Non-salaried $35 $52 $87 Includes librarians earning less than $30,000 per year or not currently employed. Also includes library paraprofessionals and support staff.
Retiree $35 $52 $87 Includes those who have retired from library and information services or related activities.
Advocate $25 $65# $90 Includes those not employed in library and information services or related activities who, through their personal commitment and support, promote library and information services (e.g., friends and special citizen caucuses and/or individuals interested in participating in the work of the Association)

*ALA membership is $72 for the first year; $110 for the second year; $145 for the third and later years. 

#Price shown for ALA is at the Associate level.

2. Organizational Membership

ALSC Dues ALA Dues Total
$55 ALA membership^ $55 + ALA membership^

^ALA organizational membership depends on size. For more information, please see ALA Organizational Membership

3. Corporate Membership

ALSC Dues ALA Dues Total
$55  ALA membership% $55 + ALA membership%

ALA corporate membership is offered at two different levels. For more information, please see ALA Corporate Membership