Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth: A Primer

The ALSC Board recently adopted the white paper "Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth." What does media mentorship mean, and how does it fit in with the types of services libraries have historically offered children and families? This webinar will explore the current landscape of children, new media, and libraries before examining what it means to continue to support families in a digital age.

Learning Outcomes

After this webinar, participants will be able to understand the core ideas behind the "Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth" white paper; identify both research and recommendations pertaining to children and media; and apply principles of supporting families in their unique needs from within traditional library services.

Who Should Attend

public library children's librarians, public library youth services staff, public library administrators, school librarians, school administrators


Amy Koester is Youth & Family Program Coordinator at Skokie (IL) Public Library. She is a co-author of the white paper Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth, which was adopted by the ALSC Board in March 2015. She blogs as the Show Me Librarian, and she is currently chair of the ALSC Public Awareness Committee.



ALSC is offering this webinar free of charge.

How to Register

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Tech Requirements

computer, internet access


Kristen Figliulo
ALSC Program Officer for Continuing Education
(800) 545-2433 ext. 4026