"At Your Library" by Bill Harley

Photo credit: Susan Wilson
bill harley photoGrammy-winning singer and storyteller Bill Harley composed a song especially for the Kids! @ your library® Campaign. "At Your Library" appears on his "I Wanna Play" CD.  For more information about the song and the lyrics, visit Harley's website

Public Service Announcement recorded by Bill Harley  

To download the PSA to your computer, right (mouse) click on the link to the version you'd like to capture and select "save the target file," "save link as," or other similarly worded option. This should allow you to save a copy to your computer. If you have any trouble downloading, contact Laura Schulte-Cooper at lschulte@ala.org .


ALSC gratefully acknowledges HarperCollins Publishers for underwriting Bill Harley's participation in the Kids! Campaign.

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