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To download any of these documents directly to your computer, right (mouse) click on the appropriate link below and select "save the target file," "save link as," "save link target as," or other similarly worded option. This should allow you to save a copy to your computer. If you have any trouble downloading, contact Laura Schulte-Cooper at

Library Crossword Puzzle - [PDF]

Double Puzzle [PDF] (unscramble clues to come up with a secret message!)

Letter Tiles Game [PDF] (rearrange the tiles to create a message)

Word Search - Extra Challenging! [Word, 113 KB] 

Word Search - Extra Challenging! [PDF, 88 KB] 

Library Word Search - Challenging [PDF]

Library Word Search - Grades K-2  [PDF]

Library Word Search - Grades 3-4  [PDF]

Library Word Search - Grades K-2 [PDF] -- in Spanish!

Library Word Search - Grades 3-4 [PDF] -- in Spanish!

Library Word Search - Challenging [PDF] --  in Spanish!

Maze - Grades K-1 [PDF]

Maze - Grades 2-3 [PDF]

Maze - Grades 4-5 [PDF]

Maze - Challenging Level!

Dr. Seuss Hidden Pictures Puzzle* [PDF]

Hidden Pictures Puzzle* [PDF]

  Puzzle Solutions (Don't peek!) - [Word]

*ALSC thanks Liz Ball for the creation of the "So Much to See. So Much to Do @ your library®"  hidden pictures puzzle ! Used here with permission from Liz Ball. Her Dr. Seuss hidden pictures puzzle is also included here with her permission.