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2018 ALSC Institute: Handouts

Please find electronic copies of all Institute handouts and other helpful resources below. Paper copies of all handouts will NOT be provided, so please print copies in advance if you'd like them. If no handouts are listed for a session, it is because handouts were not provided by the program presenters.

Program details, including date/time, description and presenter information can be found here.

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Program Handouts

Programs are listed alphabetically below. An agenda with details of program dates, times, and locations will be provided to you in your registration packet.

Afterschool at the Library: Mistakes may have been made

  • No handouts available at this time.

Building Baby's Brain with Books

Demystifying Advocacy: Building support for your library

Every Child Ready to Read and Supercharged Storytimes: How these two research-based projects connect and add value to early learning

Feed the Whole Child: Un-limiting approaches to filling children’s heads, bellies, and hearts

  • No handouts available at this time.

Grown-ups Are People Too: Promoting caregiver bonding with awesome early literacy programming

Identity in Children's Literature: Representing all kids through library programming

Implementing a Program Quality Initiative

Inclusive Programming: Advocacy and Access

Inspiring Sensory Play: Babies and Toddlers

Movin’ and Groovin’ in the Library

Moving from Ladybugs to Ladders: The a-ha moments that led to groundbreaking program models at Madison Public Library

Programming Be”Tween” the Lines

Reaching Out from Within: Creating strong partnerships

Review is Critical: Developing decolonial book evaluating competencies

Summer (Mis)Adventure! Change is Hard: How one public library took a leap and learned a lot

When Leveling Helps, When it Doesn’t, and How Libraries Can Make the Best of It


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