Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award - 2019 winners

The Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award is given to a digital media producer that has created distinguished digital media for an early learning audience.

2019 Award

screen shot for Play and Learn Science appPlay and Learn Science, produced by PBS Kids

In Play and Learn Science, children explore scientific concepts while developing problem-solving skills. Experiment with water, weather, physics, and light in a digital environment.

Caregivers are encouraged to play and discover alongside a child through co-learning prompts and suggested real-world investigations. Open-ended activities allow for exploration and promote a growth mindset. Bright, friendly graphics will draw young users in and verbal cues facilitate navigation.

“The committee was impressed by the extensive tips and activity suggestions for caregivers that lead to shared experiences within the app and the real world,” said Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award Committee Chair, Mary Kuehner.

2019 Honor Recipients

screen shot for Coral Reef appCoral Reef, produced by Tinybop Inc.

With impressive sound effects and crisp, clean graphics, children (4-8) have ample opportunities to explore the gritty, gross, gorgeous and wondrous aspects of the reef ecosystem. The app offers vocabulary in 20+ languages and includes a handbook for caregivers to use as they support children’s discovery of ocean life.

screen shot for Lexi's World appLexi’s World, produced by Pop Pop Pop LLC.

Explore Lexi’s World, an enchanting app that provides a gentle introduction to letters, words, animals and actions. The playful landscape allows young children and caregivers ample opportunities for rich interaction with each other. Surprises abound as children bring words to life and reveal discoveries about cause and effect.

The members of the 2019 Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award Committee are Chair Mary Kuehner, Arapahoe Library District, Centennial, Colo.; Jennifer Driscoll, Pasadena (Calif.) Public Library; Maria Estrella, Cleveland Public Library; Maryanne Olson, Queens (N.Y). Public Library; Katie Paciga, Columbia College Chicago; Rachel G. Payne, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Public Library; Joella Bagshaw, Provo City (Utah) Library; Sarah Polace, Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library; and Caitlin Tormey, Sacramento (Calif.) Public Library.