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What is a webinar?

One of ALSC's goals is to provide children’s librarians with timely, educational and affordable professional development opportunities.  Because life in a library moves fast, ALSC's webinars are the perfect solution for someone who wants and needs educational information but doesn't have a lot of time or resources.  These short (one hour) interactive sessions taking place in Adobe Connect give librarians and library support staff the opportunity to learn right at their desks.  The only necessary tools are a computer and the internet.  Live webinars are free and open to all. All webinars will be recorded and available in the archived webinars section of our website immediately following the live presentation.

Archived webinars are now free for members!

Archived webinars are now available free and on-demand for ALSC members! For non-ALSC members, individuals pay only $25, and groups $195.  These webinars will not be offered again live, but you receive unlimited access to the recording with your ALSC membership or archived webinar purchase.

Upcoming webinars

Live webinars are free and open to all.

Everything You Wanted to Know about the CSK Award (But Didn't Know to Ask)
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Kacie Armstrong, Director, Euclid Public Library; Alan Bailey, Associate Professor and Head of Services Teaching Resources Center, East Carolina University
You know the Coretta Scott King Medal-winning books. You read them every year when the awards are announced. But how are the awards chosen? How do members of the jury go from reading picture books to young adult novels? And what is the difference between the CSK Book Jury and the CSK Committee? Get answers to these questions and many more with former CSK Jury members Kacie Armstrong and Alan Bailey.
Leadership in Youth Services, Part 1: Leading Outside Your Organization
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Amalia Butler, Maplewood Memorial Library; Kristin Piepho, Managing Librarian, Mountlake Terrace Library; Sarah Wethern, Youth Librarian, Douglas County Library
This is one of a three-part Leadership in Youth Services webinar series brought to you by the ALSC Managing Children’s Services Committee. How can you obtain leadership experience in an entry or mid-level library position so that you can move forward in the leadership pipeline? Perhaps your administration can’t (or won’t) provide the support you need to advance. This webinar will explore how to add tools to your leadership toolbelt - in and outside of the library - without breaking the bank.
Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Spaces & Behavior Management
Thursday, December 6, 2018, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Kristen Rocha Aldrich, New York Public Library; Tommaso Lana, Education Consultant; Tori Ogawa, Kitsap Regional Library
Hear from an expert on sensory experiences, behavior management and programming environment set up about ways to improve your room setups to create a more welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment, and how to relate to either one over-excited or upset child or a room full of them -- without completely interrupting your regularly scheduled programming. 
Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 2pm Eastern/1pm Central
Cheri Crow, Youth Services Coordinator, Delaware County Libraries; Veronica Leigh Milliner, Community Engagement Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine - Middle Atlantic Region; Laura Tucker, Head of the Children’s Department, Homewood Public Library
This is one of a three-part Leadership in Youth Services webinar series brought to you by the ALSC Managing Children’s Services Committee. Working with children in a library setting provides vast opportunities to create and hone leadership skills if you know where to find them. By cultivating these skills in yourselves and others, you will elevate your profession and your community by creating and implementing beneficial programs and services. This webinar will provide you with the tools you need to recognize these skills within yourself and within your role in the children's department. This webinar will provide real life examples of what leadership actually looks like in the everyday life of working in children's librarianship. Leadership can take many different forms including taking a risk on a program to fulfill a need in the community, embracing big picture thinking that can be broken down into manageable parts, or knowing how to work together as a team to achieve goals.

Leadership in Youth Services, Part 3: Moving Beyond Youth Services
Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Laura Koenig, Team Leader for Children's Services, Central Library of the Boston Public Library; Maria (Pontillas) Shackles, Branch Manager, Tacoma Public Library; Krissy Wick, Director of Public Services, Madison Public Library
This is one of a three-part Leadership in Youth Services webinar series brought to you by the ALSC Managing Children’s Services Committee. Thinking of the next step in your career? Learn how to translate the things you do everyday in your role as a Youth Services Librarian into desirable supervisory skills on your resume. Get advice from professionals in the field who have made the leap to management and hear what you should be doing right now to make yourself more marketable.

It's Not Your Imagination... Identity Conversations Really Are Different Today
Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 12pm Eastern/11am Central
Jen Cort, Educational Consultant
Language and understanding of identity are quickly changing. Not long ago if we admitted we had bias it was quickly linked to being discriminatory causing a complete rejection of the conversation often worded as "But I am a good person so I can't be biased". We are now understanding that because we are people we are biased.
At the same time, what is normal for kids today is not the same as it was for most adults. Most middle schoolers do not remember before it was legal to be gay or lesbian and be married, before we had a black president, or before black lives matter. Most elementary schoolers do not remember a time before the resurgence of the women's movement, 'transgender' was a commonly used word, and before commercials and all forms of media cast people of multiple races, ethnicities, family constellations, and more. This course will explore all of these frameworks and more!

Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Reading Life Between the Lines: Using Children's Literature for Tough Conversations About Diversity 
Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 1pm Eastern/12pm Central
Dr. Michelle H. Martin, Beverly Cleary Professor of Children and Youth Services, Information School, University of Washington; J. Elizabeth Mills, PhD Candidate and Beverly Cleary Research Assistant
We all know that diversity and inclusion are vital topics for our libraries and our democracy, but it can be hard to know how to approach this topic with young children and their families. In this workshop, Dr. Michelle H. Martin will provide attendees with strategies for using children’s literature to engage readers of all ages with questions of identity and difference. Dr. Martin will help participants increase their cultural competence for work with young people. ​​​​​

Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Serving Refugee and Immigrant Families
Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Dr. Jessica Dym Bartlett, Child Trends; Dr. Maria A. Ramos-Olazagasti, Child Trends; Stephanie Smallwood, Springfield-Greene County Library District; Susan Spicer, Salt Lake County Library
Librarians and early childhood educators are always looking ahead and responding to the current needs of their communities, including the provision of meaningful programming and services to our refugee and immigrant families. Join Jessica Dym Bartlett, Ph.D and Maria A. Ramos-Olazagasti, Ph.D to learn more about the challenges young children and their families face when leaving their home countries, including the trauma associated with family separations and strategies to support them.



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