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What is a webinar?

One of ALSC's goals to provide children’s librarians with timely, educational and affordable professional development opportunities.  Because life in a library moves fast, ALSC's webinars are the perfect solution for someone who wants and needs educational information but doesn't have a lot of time or resources.  These short (one hour) interactive sessions taking place in Adobe Connect give librarians and library support staff the opportunity to learn right at their desks.  The only necessary tools are a computer and the internet.  Webinars are free and open to all. All webinars will be recorded and available in the archived webinars section of our website immediately following the live presentation.

Archived webinars are now free for members!

Archived webinars are now available free and on-demand for ALSC members! For non-ALSC members, individuals pay only $25, and groups $195.  These webinars will not be offered again live, but you receive unlimited access to the recording with your ALSC membership or archived webinar purchase.

Upcoming webinars

Early Childhood Programs and Services Series Part 2: Early Literacy Library Spaces

Thursday, January 5, 2017, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Youth Services Library Consultant, State Library of Ohio; Brooke Newberry, Youth Services Librarian, La Crosse Public Library (WI); and Sarah Stippich, Early Literacy Coordinator, Free Library of Philadelphia

Does your library have a dedicated early literacy space? Don’t think that you can’t fit one in! Children’s areas in libraries have blossomed in recent years, to incorporate innovative spaces and furnishings for play, exploration, and learning, in libraries from big to small. Learn how the library’s physical space and environment can impact early literacy skill building, and enjoy a showcase of successful library early literacy spaces.
Closing the Word Gap: How a Museum/Library/Research Partnership Created Community Impact through Parent Education
Thursday, February 2, 2017, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central
Natalie Bortoli, V.P. of Programming and Experience Development, Chicago Children's Museum; Elizabeth Hanson-McChesney, Director of System Wide Children and Family Services, Chicago Public Library; Jennifer Farrington, President and CEO, Chicago Children's Museum; Beth Suskind, Co-Director, Thirty Million Words Initiative, University of Chicago Medicine
How can collaborations between researchers, museums, and libraries create impact in the community? How can libraries serve as effective sites for parent education? Staff from Chicago Children's Museum and the Thirty Million Words Initiative will illustrate how they partnered with the Chicago Public Library to translate research-based messaging into a public exhibit (The 3T's: Tune In, Talk More, Take Turns) aimed at empowering parents and closing the word gap. Participants will gather insights on how to build effective partnerships, how to effectively reach parents, and how to strike a balance between providing information and hands-on interaction.
Early Childhood Programs and Services Series Part 3: Early Literacy Outside the Library Walls
Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 12pm Eastern/11am Central

Kara Fennell Walker, Head of Youth Services, Geauga County Public Library (OH); Kristen Rocha, Manager, Early Childhood Education, New York Public Library; and Brooke Sheets, Senior Librarian, Children’s Literature Department, Los Angeles Public Library
Ready for a change of scenery? Expand your current early literacy efforts by reaching children, parents, and caregivers who aren’t already coming to the library. We'll learn how to use the five early literacy skills and outreach to help your library break down the walls of service and reach those who may not know they need it. Discover the tools and techniques to identify potential community partners, develop community relationships, and ways to share important library services.
Early Childhood Programs and Services Series Part 4: Early Literacy and STEAM
Thursday, March 2, 2017, 3pm Eastern/2pm Central

Stephanie Prato, Director of Play to Learn Services, Fayetteville Free Library (NY); and Stephanie Saba, Senior Librarian, San Mateo County Libraries (CA)
STEAM subjects are exciting and have great potential to captivate young children. When you expose them to science and math at an early age you are building their confidence, and unleashing their potential.
Librarians and early childhood educators can step in to make STEM learning (a national priority) more playful, fun and hands-on. Webinar attendees will learn innovative, playful ways to support Early Literacy and STEAM through programs, services, collections, and spaces.

Exploring Similarity, Embracing Difference: How to Evaluate and Identify Literature Portraying Individuals with Disabilities
Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 12pm Eastern/11am Central
Carrie Banks,  Supervising Librarian, Child’s Place for Children with Special Needs, Brooklyn Public Library; Dr. Sara Kersten, Assistant Professor of Literacy Education, University of Nevada, Reno; Dr. Padma Venkatraman, Author
Gaining empathy for characters with disabilities in different cultural settings can help readers become better global citizens by increasing their understanding of disability-related challenges worldwide. Yet, discussions on diversifying collections tend to focus on race/ethnicity, and do not always include this aspect of diversity. A novelist, librarian and educator will team up to present suggestions on ways to create a welcoming library environment for readers with disabilities; evaluating the authenticity of books with characters with disabilities; building up collections that include books featuring characters with disabilities; going beyond tropes. So the presenters will discuss:
a. Creating a welcoming library environment for individuals with disabilities
b. Some evaluation criteria for authenticity (tropes and going beyond them, etc.)
c. Suggestions on criteria to include (or think about) when building and expanding collections (intersectionality, international perspectives, graphic novels, verse novels, etc.)
d. Examples of several suggested books and resources and lists.
The session will end by presenting a list of resources that attendees can draw from in the future.

Exploring Similarity, Embracing Difference: Programming and Activities
Thursday, April 27, 2017, 4pm Eastern/3pm Central

Carrie Banks,  Supervising Librarian, Child’s Place for Children with Special Needs, Brooklyn Public Library; Dr. Sara Kersten, Assistant Professor of Literacy Education, University of Nevada, Reno; Dr. Padma Venkatraman, Author

A novelist, librarian and educator will team up to present suggestions on engaging and encouraging readers to increase their literacy and sensitivity through writing activities and close reading. Carrie Banks will demonstrate how she uses literature, research, models, class discussion and demonstrations to help readers understand an aspect of the disability experience. Based on her work at the Pratt Institute, she will sketch a character development project that involves developing avatars with disabilities based on readings of children’s and YA fiction about disabilities. Sara Kersten will share how the graphic format of El Deafo gave voice to the different ways of being that people with hearing loss have to navigate in a society that privileges ability, and demonstrate how, through the use of anthropomorphized rabbits and various ways of depicting hearing through speech bubbles, her hearing students had an opportunity to become witness to and live an experience outside their own. Finally, Padma Venkatraman, award-winning author of A Time to Dance (a critically acclaimed ALA notable book set in South Asia, featuring a female protagonist who is disabled), will address her experiences as a writer and will provide questioning frameworks, critical thinking strategies, research activities, writing tips, book pairing ideas and other resources to increase comprehension of international attitudes and perspectives on disability. The session will end by listing further resources and offering links to discussion guides, lesson plans and handouts with suggested activities.


ALSC will be announcing more webinars soon! Please check back for more information about upcoming webinars.