C is for Common Core and Collection Development

“C” is for Common Core State Standards and Collection development with practical application in public libraries, big or small: We will break down the Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing to understand what the expectations are for our elementary students and how we as librarians can support and enrich their learning. I'll share titles, new and classics, that align with Common Core and give examples of practical, fun activities to do with kids after reading the books. We will "decode" the language of the standards and put them into terms that librarians, educators, and parents can easily understand.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will review the Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing and be able to define each one in librarian-friendly/parent-friendly terms.
  • Participants will have at least two titles (one for early elementary, one for later elementary) for each standard that they can share with teachers, parents, and co-workers.
  • Participants will have practical activities they can do in story times and library classes that tie in to the Common Core Standards.

Who Should Attend

Youth services librarians in the public library and/or elementary school media specialists


Kristen Remenar is a children’s librarian, writer, teacher, and a national speaker on literacy for the Bureau of Education & Research. She teaches a seminar called The Best Books to Teach the Common Core State Standards for Reading (K-3). She also teaches a seminar called The Best Young Children’s Books for Preschoolers and Kindergartners and How to Use Them to Strengthen Early Literacy Skills. She has taught several hour-long and half-day inservices for Michigan libraries on Common Core and collection development. Kristen is a contributing writer to ReaderKidZ, a website for teachers, librarians, and parents of elementary students. Her first picture book will be published by Charlesbridge in 2015 and is titled "Groundhog's Dilemma".



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