2017 Carnegie Medal/Notable Children's Videos Committee

In 2010, the Carnegie Medal Selection Committee and the Notable Children's Videos Committee were merged into one committee, the Carnegie Medal/Notable Children's Videos Committee, which, beginning with the 2011 award year, will choose the Carnegie Medal winner and compile the Notable Children's Videos list.

Committee members

Joanna Fabicon, Chair
April Bedford
Amanda Yuk-Wah Choi
Robbin Ellis Friedman
Laura A. Given
Jennifer Knight
Portia Latalladi
Susan Polos
Maegen Rose

Gaye Hinchliff, Priority Group Consultant

To submit a work for consideration, please visit the Terms, Criteria, and Submission Information page.

Committee resources

Carnegie/Notable Children's Videos Manual (Word)
Carnegie/Notable Children's Videos Manual (PDF)
Policy for Service on ALSC Carnegie/Notable Children's Videos Committees 
Frequently asked questions about the policy for service on award and media evaluation committees
Awards Diversity and Inclusion Discussion  with Kathleen T. Horning- This discussion took place at the 2015 ALA conference in San Francisco with Kathleen Horning and the 2016 Chairs of the ALSC Awards and Notable Children's Lists Committees.