2013 Notable Children's Videos

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Members of the 2013 Carnegie Medal/Notable Children’s Videos Committee: Chair Maeve Visser Knoth, San Mateo (Calif.) County Library; Marilyn Ackerman, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Public Library; Alan Bern, Berkeley (Calif.) Public Library; Liz Deskins, Hilliard (Ohio) City School District; Nancy A. Eames, Toledo Lucas County (Ohio) Public Library; Susan Dove Lempke, Niles (Ill.) Public Library; Dr. Gwen M. Taylor, Lewis – Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho; Emily Ann Tichenor, Tulsa City-County (Okla.) Library; and Rachel Wood, Arlington (Va.) Public Library. 

55 Socks, 8 min., National Film Board of Canada, DVD, 800-542-2164. Ages 8-14

During World War II in the dark "winter of hunger" in Holland, some women and a girl unravel a beautiful bedspread to make socks to barter for food. Based on a poem by Marie Jacobs, this animated, poetic film leaves viewers with hope for a brighter future. 
Anna, Emma and the Condors, 20 min., Green Planet Films, DVD, 415-377-5471. Ages 7 and up
Anna and Emma, along with their parents, work to bring the amazing and magnificent California Condor back from the brink of extinction. This is a thought-provoking and visually splendid live-action film, as special as the children and birds at its heart. (2013 Carnegie Award)
Are You a Bully? Test, 23 min., Human Relations Media, DVD, 800-431-2050. Ages 10 and up
This live-action film includes seven questions, stories from teens who have experienced both sides of bullying, and advice from an expert to help children recognize their own bullying behaviors.
Big Drive, 9 min., National Film Board of Canada, DVD, 800-542-2164. Ages 8 and up
Squeezed into the back of the family car, four restless sisters find magic in a road trip across the prairie. This exuberant, animated film beautifully captures the bond between sisters and the power of the imagination.
Bink & Gollie, 14 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
In three interconnected stories, companions Bink and Gollie share pancakes and rich conversations. The skilled narration and humorous animation capture the opposite personalities of these good friends. 
Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct, 10 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
Edwina doesn't let being extinct stop her from being loved by almost everyone in her town. This hilarious animated video, with catchy theme music, will bring Edwina new fans.
Hi! Fly Guy, 7 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
Buzz finds the amazing pet he was seeking when he meets Fly Guy, a smart fly who even knows his owner's name. Delightful animation and exuberant narration by MacLeod Andrews help Fly Guy prove that flies can be pets, not pests.
Kali the Little Vampire, 9 min., National Film Board of Canada, DVD, 800-542-2164. Ages 12 and up
Viewers are alternately terrified and deeply moved by the plight of a little vampire who is isolated and lonely, but willing to risk life and limb to save a potential companion. Told in stark black, white and red, this animated short will linger long in memory.
Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion, 13 min, Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
While flying to and from Holland, Trixie and her beloved Knuffle Bunny finally part ways in this moving, satisfying conclusion to the Knuffle Bunny trilogy. Narrated by author Mo Willems, his wife, and daughter, the combination of photography, drawings, and video creates a funny and painful look at the mixed feelings surrounding growing up.
The Other Side, 8 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 5-9
E. B. Lewis' nostalgic watercolor illustrations, along with a soft guitar soundtrack, show that a fence can be an opportunity rather than a barrier in this Jacqueline Woodson story narrated by Toshi Widoff-Woodson. Simple details are animated and highlight that friendships are created over time.
Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, 12 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
When Scaredy Squirrel is unsure how to make a friend, he devises a plan that, despite its many flaws, delivers a surprisingly satisfying solution. Lively animation enhances an already funny story.
A Sick Day for Amos McGee, 10 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 3-8
When zookeeper Amos is home sick, he gets a surprise visit from his zoo friends: elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinoceros, and owl. This carefully-paced and faithful animation of the award-winning picture book, beautifully captures the story's theme of friendship and caring.
Show Way, 12 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 5 and up
Jacqueline Woodson's narration conveys her reverence for the generations of women who passed down needle skills and knowledge from slave times to the present. Hudson Talbott's illustrations are brought to life by skillful camera movement and sparing animation.
Sky Color, 7 min., Weston Woods, DVD, 800-243-5020. Ages 4-8
When the color blue is missing from the paint box, Marisol's keen observations of the sky help her create an original color for the school mural. Colors swirl and dance across the screen in this beautifully animated film.
Wind Flyers, 7 min., Nutmeg Media, DVD, 877-262-3690, Ages 5-9
The narrator recalls the pride he felt as a young boy hearing the stories his great-uncle shared about his days as a Tuskegee Airman. In this iconographic film, Angela Johnson's lyrical text and Loren Long's luscious paintings capture both the joys of flying and the bravery required to pilot open planes during wartime.