2001 Notable Children's Recordings

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2001 Notable Children's Recordings Committee: Margie L. Stern, Chair, Delaware (PA) County Library System; Karen M. Allen, Greenville (SC) County Library; Bruce S. Farrar, Public Library of Nashville; Patricia Jefferson, TX; Vivian Landfair, Ortona Elementary School, FL; Elizabeth A. Long, New York Public Library; Diane G. Person, NY; Louise L. Sherman, Ann C. Scott School, NJ.

Bud, Not Buddy.
Performed by James Avery. 5:15 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8209-X. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

James Avery's rich baritone voice vividly evokes the 1930's setting of this Newbery- award winning book by Christopher Paul Curtis.

Charlie Parker Played Be Bop!
Performed by Richard Allen and Charlie Parker. 7:08 mins. cassette and paperback, ISBN: 0-87499-669-4, $15.95. cassette only, O-87499-668-6, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

Jazz vocalist Richard Allen reads and sings this text set to Parker's original recording, "A Night in Tunisia." Author Raschka provides an introduction and historical perspective. This multimedia set is seven minutes of visual and musical brilliance.

Performed by Kate Forbes. 4 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-7887-4243-4. $29.
Recorded Books, LLC.

High-spirited Jerusha Abbot is sent to college by an anonymous wealthy benefactor who expects her to write a letter to him once a month. Kate Forbes's entertaining portrayal of this classical character will delight a new generation of listeners.

Dance on a Moonbeam: A Collection of Songs and Poems.
Performed by Bill Crofut with others. 1 hr. 1 CD. CD-80554. $15.95.

Folksongs and musical settings of English and American poetry , bridged with Shakespearean passages, are performed by renowned artists. Crofut and cohorts manage to combine Bach, Humperdinck, Shakespeare and folksongs into a CD that respects a child's capacity to respond to artistic excellence.

Duke Ellington.
Performed by Forest Whitaker; music by Duke Ellington and Joel Goodman. 18:10 mins. cassette and hardcover book. 1-55592-057-8. $24.95.
Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

A swirl of words and music introduces listeners to Duke Ellington in this award-winning story. As much a history of the Jazz Age as a biography of Ellington, the exuberance of the early years of the 20th century can be heard in the narrator's voice. It whirls through the glittering era of the Harlem Renaissance.

Narrated by Christina Moore. 15 mins. 1 cassette. 0-7887-4229-9. $11.
Recorded Books, LLC.

Travel through the life of young Eleanor Roosevelt as she grows from an awkward child to a poised and confident young woman. Christina Moore's sensitive narration of this poignant story by Barbara Cooney introduces today's listeners to one of America's most admired women.

The Folk Keeper.
Performed by Marian Tomas Griffin. 5 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8421- 1. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Listeners will be drawn into the intrigue of this beautifully narrated fantasy of fierce "folk." Griffin's lovely brogue and compelling reading perfectly match the gripping and flawlessly written text.

Freddy the Pilot.
Performed by John McDonough. 5 hrs. 4 cassettes. 0-7887-4023-7. $37.
Recorded Books, LLC.

Freddy and the animals on Mr. Bean's farm join forces to save a circus bareback rider from an unwanted suitor. John McDonough excels in giving each animal its own voice and brings a beloved story from the fifties to today's children.

George Washington's Mother.
Performed by B. J. Ward. 22:22 mins. cassette and softcover book. ISBN: 1-55592-065-9. $12.95.
Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

The father of his country had quite a mother! The eccentric Mary Ball Washington is enlivened by the combination of Jean Fritz's text, B. J. Ward's sprightly narration and pleasant sound effects.

The Great Turkey Walk.
Performed by Tom Stechschulte. 5 hrs. 4 cassettes. 0-7887-3522-5. $36.
Recorded Books, LLC.

We've heard of cattle drives --but turkey drives? Kathleen Karr's story is based on real life events from the mid-1800's. Tom Stechschulte's folksy narration allows us to feel a part of Simon's unusual journey from Missouri to Denver.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Performed by Jim Dale. 20:52 hrs. 12 cassettes. 0- 8072-8793-8. $55.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Jim Dale again superbly recreates J.K. Rowling's well known characters, as Harry Potter begins his fourth year at Hogwarts. In this exciting, funny tale, Harry tries desperately to be just a normal student at wizard school.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Performed by Jim Dale. 11:48 hrs. 7 cassettes. 0-8072-8315-0. $46.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

In Harry Potter's third year at Hogwarts he is back with friends and foes where he must face the feared Sirius Black, escapee from Azkaban Prison. Jim Dale's narration brings each character to life through a variety of voices.

Howliday Inn.
Performed by Victor Garber. 3:21 hrs. 2 cassettes. 0-8072-8381-9. $23.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Victor Garber gives a very funny reading of this tale of Harold the dog and Chester the cat when they are sent to board at a kennel. Garber captures the pomposity of Harold and Chester, as well as the nitwit antics of the other residents of the sinister Chateau Bow-Wow.

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien.
Performed by William Dufris. 2:52 hrs. 2 cassettes. 0-8072-8200-6. $23.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Tim Tompkins is pleased when he meets his new classmate, Pleskit Meenom, a purple alien. Complications arise when they discover a plot to undermine this alien mission. William Dufris' skillful reading of Pleskit's alien language in this popular Bruce Coville novel is a narrative tour-de-force.

Kit's Wilderness.
Peformed by Charles Keating. 5:04 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8215-4. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Young teenagers in a British mining town are fascinated by a game called "'Death." Kit Watson is helped by another long-dead Kit Watson when the game threatens to become a reality. Charles Keating's spellbinding reading will keep listeners enthralled.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.
Performed by Laura Hamilton. 16:22 mins. cassette and hardcover book. 0-87499-687-2. $24.95. cassette only, 0-87499-685-6, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

Narrator Laura Hamilton shines in this lively tale about Lilly who takes her new purse, movie star sunglasses and three shiny quarters to school to share with her classmates. When things unexpectedly go wrong, Lilly learns about patience and forgiveness.

Matilda Bone.
Performed by Janet McTeer. 4:01 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8737-7. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Through her many accents and voices, Janet McTeer brilliantly shows the fascinating and sometimes comic world of 14-year old Matilda, an apprentice bonesetter in medieval England as she struggles to achieve a more spiritual existence and to find her place in the world.

Mr. Popper's Penguins.
Performed by Paul Hecht. 2 hrs. 2 cassettes, ISBN: 0-7887-2724-9, $26. 2 CDs, ISBN: 0-7887-5216-2, $22.
Recorded Books, LLC.

The Atwaters' classic story of the house painter whose love for polar exploration results in a house full of penguins is as hilarious today as when first published in 1938. Hecht's captivating new narration ably brings the story to today's young listeners.

Music of the American Colonies.
Performed by Anne Enslow and Ridley Enslow. 61 mins. CD. 0-7660-1614-5. $24.95.
Enslow Publishing, Inc.

Using authentic colonial instruments, the Enslows have compiled a diverse, delightful collection of traditional American folksongs. This well documented anthology takes listeners on a musical journey through Colonial America.

Nory Ryan's Song.
Performed by Susan Lynch. 3:30 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8728-8. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Patricia Reilly Giff's moving story of a young girl's struggle to keep the remnants of her family alive at the height of the Irish potato famine is enhanced by Susan Lynch's sensitive reading. Her lilting Irish accent perfectly evokes the mood and setting of the story.

Performed by Martin Jarvis; music by Chris Kubie. 13:49 mins. cassette and hardcover book, ISBN: 0-87499-679-1, $24.95. cassette only, ISBN: 0-87499-677-5, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

The devil's grandmother rescues a humble peasant boy, blessed with a distinguishing birthmark and a pure soul, and assures his ascendancy to the throne in Natalie Babbitt's retelling of this tale from Grimm. This lively, rollicking rendition has all the elements familiar to the most successful fairy tales.

Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story.
Performed by Ken Mochizuki. 16:41 mins. cassette and hardcover book, ISBN: 0-87499-631-7, $24.95. cassette and paperback book, ISBN: 0-87499-630-9, $15.95. cassette only, ISBN: 0-87499-629-5, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese vice-consul in Lithuania at the start of WWII, acted on his own human decency to save the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees. Ken Mochizuki's narration of his moving story introduces listeners to genuine heroism.

Rhythm in My Shoes.
Performed by Jessica Harper. 40:28 mins. CD, ISBN: 1-57940-046-9, $15.98. cassette, ISBN: 1-57940-047-7, $10.98.
Rounder Records.

Jessica Harper's innovative lyrics, music and joyous vocals characterize this recording that parents and children will enjoy together. The songs are playful, fun, and full of clever wordplays that children will repeat long after the CD/cassette is over.

Performed by George Guidall; music by Chris Kubie. 5:52 mins. cassette and hardcover book, ISBN: 0-87499-627-9, $24.95. cassette only, ISBN: 0-87499-625-2, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

A small boy responds to the wonder of a fresh snowfall as he watches his village transformed into a magical vista in this Caldecott Honor book. Guidall's narration and Kubie's music work together to provide a charming fresh tableau revealing a child's innocent delight in simple events.

Spider Sparrow.
Narrated by Christian Rodska. 3:26 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8406-8. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Richly read by Christian Rodska this is the story of a special boy and the impact he makes on the lives of an English farming community. Dick King-Smith delights readers with the story of a child who manifests a remarkable talent for communicating with animals.

Still the Same Me.
Performed by Sweet Honey In the Rock. 41:13 mins. cassette, ISBN: 0-1166-181004-4, $8.99. CD, ISBN: 0-1166-181002-0, $12.99.
Rounder Records.

Listeners of all ages will enjoy the enthusiasm of this renowned African Arnerican a capella ensemble as they perform a collection of motivating and heart-warming songs, interspersed with innovative percussion improvisation.

The Subtle Knife.
Performed by Philip Pullman and a full cast. 8:55 hrs. 8 cassettes. 0-8072-8196-4. $50.
Listening Library, an imprint of the Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Author/narrator Philip Pullman and a full cast of characters take listeners on a perilous journey from world to world. As Lyra and Will search for the Subtle Knife. they uncover deadly secrets, encounter people with extraordinary gifts, and glimpse their own destiny.

The Trolls.
Performed by Julie Hagerty. 3:25 hrs. 2 cassettes. 0-8072-8371-1. $23.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Aunt Sally comes from Vancouver Island to Ohio to baby-sit the Anderson children. She dresses strangely and tells the most outrageous family stories, including one about the trolls who live deep in the woods. Hagerty's skillfully timed delivery and authentic accents bring these droll troll stories to life.

Water Torture, the Barking Mouse and Other Tales of Wonder.
Performed by Antonio Sacre, with production music by Steve Rashid. 43 mins. 1 cassette. 1-886283-15- X. $10.
Woodside Avenue Music Productions. Distributed by Rounder Kids.

Antonio Sacre delights audiences of all ages with these richly told tales of wonder. Sacre's smooth blending of English and Spanish brings out the originality of these diverse stories.

When Zachary Beaver Came to Town.
Performed by Will Patton. 4:59 hrs. 3 cassettes. 0-8072-8393-2. $30.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

13-year-old Toby and his friend Cal explore the meaning of friendship during the summer of 1971 when 600 pound Zachary Beaver comes to Antler, Texas. Will Patton reads this sensitive coming-of-age story with warmth and compassion.

Wiley and the Hairy Man: Adapted from an American Folktale.
Performed by Robin Miles.18:28 mins. cassette and paperback book, ISBN: 0-87499-617-1, $15.95. cassette only, ISBN: 0-87499-616-3, $9.95.
Live Oak Media.

Wiley and his mother outwit the hairy man in this soulfully told traditional tale of the Tombigbee River swampland. Molly Bang's beginning-reader retelling makes an outstanding read-a-long.

A Year Down Yonder.
Performed by Lois Smith. 3:25 hrs. 2 cassettes. 0-8072-8750-4. $23.
Listening Library, an imprint of The Random House Audio Publishing Group.

Hard hit by the Depression, fifteen-year-old Mary Alice's family sends her to live with her eccentric grandma in rural Illinois. Lois Smith captures Grandma Dowdel's character and spirit, as well as Mary Alice's ambivalence in this thought-provoking, humorous story.

Yo! Yes?
Performed by Ryann Williams & Tucker Bliss; music by Jerry Dale McFadden. 3:09 mins. cassette and hardcover book, ISBN: 1-55592-066-7 , $24.95. cassette and softcover, ISBN: 1-55592-067-5 , $12.95.
Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

Getting acquainted is often difficult, as seen in Chris Raschka's award-winning book. The dual reading of Williams and Bliss warmly depicts this simple story of a budding friendship between two boys.