1999 Notable Children's Recordings

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1999 Notable Children's Recordings Committee: Connie Rockman, Chair, (CT); Carolyn Schemick Bailey, South Brunswick Public Library (NJ); Ione S. Cowen, Akron-Summit County Public Library (OH); Mary Ann Gilpatrick (WA); Patricia Jefferson, Johnson Elementary School (TX); Vivian Landfair, Ortona Elementary School (FL); Elizabeth A. Long, New York Public Library (NY); Marjorie Stern, Delaware County Library System (PA); Kay Weisman, Willowbrook School Library (IL).

Performed by John McCutcheon.
44 min.
Cassette (ROUN CS-8037): $9.98. CD (ROUN CD 8037): $14.98.
Rounder Records.
This third volume in John McCutcheon's Four Seasons series captures the sights and sounds of Autumn from Labor Day through Thanksgiving. Featuring a diverse selection of songs and musical styles, this recording makes enjoyable listening for the entire family.

Back on Broadway.
Performed by the Broadway Kids.
42 min.
Cassette (54268-4): $9.98. CD (54268-2): $15.98.
Lightyear Entertainment.
Lively renditions of show tunes from "West Side Story," "Bye Bye Birdie," "Cats," "Follies," "Rent," and many more are sung by twenty young veterans of Broadway who range in age from 11-17.

Ben's Trumpet.
Performed by Charles Turner and jazz musicians.
6.5 minutes.
Book and cassette (087499-433-0): $15.95.
Live Oak Media.
Rachel Isadora's innovative picture book is brought to life by the narrator's velvet soft voice and the lively jazz improvisations that accompany each turn of the page.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
Performed by C.J. Critt.
2 hours.
2 cassettes (95264): $18.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Critt's droll narration enhances Robinson's timeless story in which the worst kids in the neighborhood take over the church nativity play with surprising and delightful results.

Performed by Meryl Streep.
14 min.
Book and cassette (KPRA369): $12.95.
Weston Woods Studios, Inc.
Streep's interpretation perfectly captures the spirit of all the mouse characters in Kevin Henkes' popular picture book about names, peers, school, and favorite teachers.

Door in the Wall.
Performed by Roger Rees.
3 hours.
2 cassettes (0-553-52522-0): $16.99.
Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing.
This reading by British actor Roger Rees evokes the medieval atmosphere of Marguerite De Angeli's Newbery award-winning tale about a boy proving his courage.

Eleanor Roosevelt.
Performed by Barbara Caruso.
3 hours, 45 min.
3 cassettes (95284): $26.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
This spirited narration of Russell Freedman's Newbery Honor book will inspire listeners to learn of the obstacles and disappointments Eleanor overcame in becoming "First Lady of the World."

Performed by Sesame Street characters and various artists.
40 min.
Cassette (LT 63432): $9.98. CD (LK 63432): $13.98.
Sony Wonder.
Join Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street cast for an all-star rock-n-roll extravaganza which is sure to be a favorite of both children and adults.

40 Winks.
Performed by Jessica Harper.
38 min.
Cassette (ALA2008): $9.98. CD (ALA2008): $11.98.
"I dreamed my children went to bed and slept all through the night..." and this lovely recording of original lullabies will help them do just that.

Freak the Mighty.
Performed by Elden Henson.
3 hours, 16 min.
2 cassettes (YA959CX): $16.98.
Listening Library, Inc.
Two outcasts, Max and Kevin, team up to become "Freak the Mighty." Hanson's honest narration makes this a powerful, chilling, and totally riveting story.

The Gardener.
Performed by Bonnie Kelly-Young.
11 minutes.
Book and cassette (087499-430-6): $22.95.
Live Oak Media.
Music and sound effects enhance the narration of Sarah Stewart's story of a young girl whose green thumb brings beauty into the lives of those around her. The recording frees the listener to savor David Small's Caldecott Honor illustrations.

The Great Fire.
Performed by John McDonough.
3 hours.
3 cassettes (95430): $26.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Listeners almost feel the heat from the Great Chicago Fire in this riveting narration of Jim Murphy's award-winning book.

if fish could sing...
Performed by Teresa Doyle.
38 min.
Cassette (TDCA006): $9.98. CD (TDCD006): $13.98.
Bedlam Records.
Teresa Doyle's performance is artfully accompanied by children's voices in these lilting, rhythmic renditions of traditional Celtic songs.

In My Hometown.
Performed by Tom Chapin.
40 min.
Cassette (LT 63418): $9.98. CD (LK 63418): $13.98.
Sony Wonder.
Tom Chapin explores a variety of musical styles in these amusing and nostalgic selections that are ideal for family listening.

Jacob Have I Loved.
Performed by Christina Moore.
5.75 hours.
4 cassettes (95433): $34.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Moore's expressive voice explores the nuances of characters living on a small fishing island in the Chesapeake Bay and highlights Katherine Paterson's Newbery award-winning novel.

Performed by Hayes Greenfield and others.
47 min.
Cassette (3010-4): $10.98. CD (3010-2): $15.98.
Baby Music Boom, Inc.
In this introduction to the world of jazz, each cut is a fresh interpretation of a traditional children's song or lullaby that the whole family will enjoy.

John Henry.
Performed by Samuel L. Jackson.
18 min.
Book and cassette: (KPRA377) $12.95.
Weston Woods Studios, Inc.
Superb narration and accompanying sound effects give a new dimension to Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney's Caldecott Honor tale of this African American folk hero.

Joyful Noise.
Performed by B. Caruso, J. McDonough, C. Moore, and J. Woodman.
20 min.
Cassette (95282): $10.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Grasshoppers, honeybees and fireflies come to life in this spirited choral reading of Paul Fleischman's marvelously original poems for two voices.

Leon's Story.
Performed by Graham Brown.
1.25 hours.
1 cassette (95281): $10.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Read with dignity and honor, this powerful firsthand account describes Leon Tillage's life as an African American growing up in rural North Carolina in the 1940's through the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's.

Performed by Virginia Leishman.
6 hours.
5 cassettes (95341): $42.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Leishman's richly nuanced reading draws the listener completely into the human and elfin worlds of Eloise McGraw's Newbery Honor book and brings each fascinating character to life.

Norwegian Tales of Enchantment.
Performed by Judith Simundson.
63 min.
CD (JSCD198): $15.95.
Makoche Recording Co.
Using an authentic accent and accompanied by Norwegian folk harp and Hardanger fiddle, this storyteller of Norwegian ancestry tells tales filled with laughter and suspense. The informative liner notes list sources for the stories.

Performed by Jim Weiss.
4 hours 41 min.
3 cassettes (YA946CX): $23.98.
Listening Library, Inc.
Consummate storyteller Weiss imbues Sterling North's Newbery Honor story of a boy and his raccoon with warmth and compassion.

Rudy and the Roller Skate.
Performed by Dan Keding.
1 hour cassette (TC 1009): $10.00.
Turtle Creek Recordings.
Told in his rich baritone voice, Keding's personable renditions of both traditional and folksy original stories and songs will delight all ages.

Running Out of Time.
Performed by Kimberly Schraf.
5 hours 23 min.
4 cassettes (YA972CX): $29.98.
Listening Library, Inc.
Jessie thinks she lives in an 1840 pioneer village until she learns it is really a 1990's tourist attraction. Intrigue, history, and psychological suspense in Margaret Peterson Haddix's novel come to life in this masterful performance.

Sarny: A Life Remembered.
Performed by Lynne Thigpen.
4.25 hours.
3 cassettes (95435): $26.00.
Recorded Books, Inc.
Thigpen's exceptional reading of Gary Paulsen's novel lends authenticity to this story of an African American woman from the Civil War through the early 1930's.

The Silver Chair.
BBC Radio Dramatization.
3 hours.
2 cassettes (0-553-52570-0): $16.99.
Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing.
This BBC radio performance recreates the world of Narnia where Eustace, Jill, and Puddlegum embark on a quest to rescue an enchanted prince. Talented actors and authentic sound effects enhance the drama and excitement of this fantasy adventure.

Swingin' in the Rain.
Performed by Maria Muldaur.
41 min.
Cassette (75311): $9.98. CD (75311D): $15.98.
Music for Little People.
Today's kids will enjoy favorite songs from the swing era, including "Jeepers Creepers," "A-You're Adorable," and "Aba Daba Honeymoon" in Muldaur's smooth and lively renditions.

Under the Green Corn Moon: Native American Lullabies.
Performed by various Native American artists.
50 min.
Cassette (SC916): $9.98. CD (SD916): $15.98.
Silver Wave Records.
This appealing collection of chant lullabies breaks new ground in children's recordings. Detailed liner notes and photographs introduce the performer and tribe for each of the selections.

Under the Mango Tree: Stories from Spanish Speaking Countries.
Performed by Elida Guardia Bonet.
72 minutes.
1 cassette (0-9663662-0-4): $12.00.
Zarati Press.
Six entertaining stories seamlessly combine the English and Spanish languages into timeless tales for all ages.

World Tales, Live at Bennington College.
Performed by Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder.
1 hour.
Cassette (ECP120CA): $10.00. CD (ECP120): $15.00.
Eastern Coyote.
Music sets the mood as the intertwining voices of Jennings and Ponder weave traditional tales in tandem for older listeners.