1996 Notable Children's Recordings

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The list includes recordings released in the US during 1995. It is intended to promote the selection and use of the highest quality recordings in schools, libraries and homes, and to encourage the production of an ever-increasing number of excellent recordings for children.

1996 Committee Members: Chair Jean A. Hatfield, Diana Freeman, Cindy A. Lombardo, Sarah M. McCarville, Donna Norvell, Elizabeth M. Simmons, Marilou R. Sorensen, Kathy Toon, Lucinda Frances Ware. 

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Performed by John Hurt. 25min. book/cassette, $19.95. Rabbit Ears; dist. by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division.

Anna Moo Crackers. Performed by Anna Moo. 45min. cassette, $14. Moosic Productions.

Athletic Shorts. Performed by Frank Muller. 4hrs. 3 cassettes, $24. Recorded Books.

Blanket Bay Lullabies. Performed by Jennifer Lind. 64min. cassette, $10.99. Sound Storm Music.

Color Outside the Lines. Performed by Les Julian. 42min. CD, $16. Jump Right Over the Moon Records.

Cool Jazz Cats. 42min. cassette, $9.98. Rabbit Records, Dist. by Rounder Kids. [This recording in no longer available for sale.]

Crawdads, Doodlebugs & Creasy Greens. Performed by Doug Eliott. 59min. cassette, $9.95, CD, $14.95. Native Ground Music.

Family Playground. Performed by the Music Workshop for Kids. 50min. cassette,$10.98, CD, $15.98. Baby Boom Music.

The Giver. Performed by Don Rifkin. 4hr 30min. 4 cassettes, $18.99. Bantam Doubleday Dell.

Hyena and the Moon: Stories to Listen to from Kenya. Performed by Heather McNeil. $11. Libraries Unlimited.

Jumanji.. Performed by Robin Williams. 18min. cassette and book, $24.95. Charlesberry Prods.; Dist. by Houghton Mifflin.

La Cancion del Lagarto. Performed by Willie Colon. 8min. cassette and book, $14.95. Live Oak Media.

Lady Daisy. Performed by Nigel Lambert. 2hrs 54min. 2 cassettes, $16.98. Listening Library.

Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Performed by Lynne Thigpen. 13hrs, 30min. 10 cassettes, $78. Recorded Books.

Little Women. Performed by Barbara Caruso. 20hrs. 14 cassettes, $99. Recorded Books.

Love Takes the Whole Box of Crayons. Performed by John Flynn. 33min. cassette, $9.98, CD, $14.98. Flying Stone; Dist. by Charterhouse Music Group.

Lyrical Life Science. Performed by Bobby Horton. Text and Lyrics by Doug Eldon. 29min. cassette with book, $19.95. Lyrical Learning.

Mendelssohn's "Elijah" for Young Voices. Performed by The Jubilation Singers of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. 42min. cassette, $9.98. CD, $14.98. Integra Classics.

Missing May. Performed by Angela Jayne Rogers. 2hrs. 2 cassettes, $18. Recorded Books.

People (A Musical Celebration of Diversity). Various Performers. 54min. cassette, $10. CD, $16. Lightyear Entertainment.

Rebel in the Woods--Civil War Songs from the Western Border, Vol. II. Performed by Cathy Barton, Dave Para, and Bob Dyer. 57min. cassette, $10. CD, $15. Big Canoe Records.

Summersongs. Performed by John McCutcheon. 44min. cassette, $9.50. CD, $15. Rounder Records.

Turning it Upside Down. Performed by Lois LaFond & the Rocadiles. 39min. cassette, $14.95. CD, $16.95. Lois LaFond's Rockadile Music; Dist. by Rounder Kids.

Wintersongs. Performed by John McCutcheon. 44min. cassette, $9.50. CD, $15. Rounder Records.