ALSC Children's Library Services Fund

The ALSC Children's Library Services endowment, formerly the Helen Knight Memorial Fund, was founded in 1982. The initial donation was at the bequest of Helen L. Knight, to be utilized at ALSC’s discretion. This bequest had no restrictions and the ALSC Board determined the proceeds would support long and short-range programs of the division. In 1992, the ALSC Board renamed the fund the “Children’s Library Services Endowment.”

The Budget committee is charged with oversight of the funds. Each year the fund provides approximately $1,500 for use on special committee projects and additional funding support for activities identified as a strategic priorities by the ALSC Board.  To be considered, projects must align with ALSC's strategic plan and must be implemented within one fiscal year without undue staff time required.  Committee chairs may apply for funding by submitting a project proposal on Form M, located in the Division Leadership Manual.

Questions? Please contact the fiscal officer or Budget committee chair.

Sample funded committee projects:

FY 2015 Funded the Membership committee's student membership video project and the Library Service for Special Population Children and their Caregivers committee toolkit for serving special populations.
FY 2014 Funded the Children & Libraries Editorial Advisory Board's request to develop promotional bookmarks.
FY 2013 Funded the Early Childhood Programs and Services committee webinar speaker and arranged for free access to all ALSC members.
FY 2011 Funded the redesign of the Great Websites for Kids website.
FY 2009 Funded the Education committee's request to redesign the newly updated "Core Competencies" into a downloadable PDF brochure.
FY 2008 Funded the School-Age Programs and Services committee request to design the "Great Early Elementary Reads" booklist into a full-color downloadble PDF.

Sample timeline:

April 1 Submit completed Form M to the Budget committee chair. Form located in the Division Leadership Manual.
May 1 Budget Committee recommendations are forwarded to the ALSC Board
May 15 ALSC Board votes on applications and the Budget chair notifies applicants of the decision.
Annual Conference  The requesting committee begins to plan their special project.
September 1 A new fiscal year begins and the funds become available to use
Midwinter and Annual Conference following approval Committee works on project online and may or may not meet at conferences (dependent on status of committee- virtual or face-to-face).
August 31 Funds must be expended as the fiscal year comes to a close.