What's After Storytime: Programming for Children and Tweens With Autism

Many libraries are now offering preschool storytimes adapted to meet the needs of young children with autism, but fewer libraries have programs for elementary and middle school age children with this disability. With the autism incidence presently at 1 in 50 children (CDC, 2013) these children are in all communities. 
This session will provide participants with helpful background information on autism and specific techniques to use when working with school-age children with this disability. A variety of program types will be discussed and the ways they can be designed to serve children with autism will be introduced.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will have a deeper understanding of autism and how this disability can manifest in children 
  • Participants will understand the types of books that are likely to appeal to children with autism and why  
  • Participants will be able to identify at least three programs they can offer for these children 
  • Participants will understand the features that make a program autism-friendly  

Who Should Attend

Youth services librarians in public libraries Librarians working in elementary and middle schools


Barbara Klipper has been training librarians on autism since 2006. She started the grant-funded Sensory Storytime program at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT in 2009, has presented on this program at ALA, and has taught a webinar on this subject four times for ALSC. Her book, Programming for Children and Teens With Autism Spectrum Disorder is being published by ALA Editions in Fall, 2013.



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