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Greetings, and welcome to ALSC!
The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to excellence in library service to children and their adult allies.  Membership is a cohort of professionals who serve children and youth in public and school libraries, experts in the field of children’s literature and literacy, publishers, faculty in library and education-related academia, booksellers, bloggers, teachers, authors and others who are devoted to the core purpose of creating a better future for children through libraries.
As the name of our organization reflects, service is the heart of ALSC.  Our members recognize the paramount importance of the individual experience for children in establishing a positive relationship with reading and learning.  The impact of a encouraging interaction with an invested adult; from suggesting a story that sparks the imagination, to accessing information that ignites an interest in a new subject and an appreciation for reading, or presenting a program that offers an opportunity for cultural enrichment and community interaction, builds the foundation for a lifetime of literacy and learning.  
This philosophy of service is also reflected in the goals and objectives of our Strategic Plan, and is underscored by our core values of collaboration, excellence, inclusiveness, innovation, integrity and respect, leadership and responsiveness. 
I am honored to serve as ALSC President for 2013-2014.  While continuing the work of my predecessors Mary Fellows (2011-2012) who guided us in “Communicating Value” and Carolyn Brodie (2012-2013) who led us in “Connecting Communities”, I look forward to engaging the ALSC membership in pursuing the “Power of Partnership”.  
The benefit of reaching out to others who serve children and families is two-fold. By partnering with those in complementary fields with common values we enhance and enrich our programs, publications and products while we simultaneously expand our exposure and visibility to our potential audience. ALSC has an excellent history of external relationships that have been advantageous to our members, collaborators, clientele, and ultimately, the profession at large. ALSCs current alliances can be viewed at  
The most dynamic partnership ALSC enjoys is that with its members.  Membership is the power and the strength of the organization.  We will continue to encourage and support mutual communication via a variety of avenues to maintain a dynamic discourse among all members and offer opportunities to contribute and benefit from our collective experience and expertise through continuing education and professional development.
I hope you will join me in working together to achieve the desired future outlined in our Strategic Plan where “Libraries are viewed as central and integral partners in maintaining vibrant communities”, and please feel free to contact me at
Starr LaTronica
ALSC President 2013-2014