Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2011 Midwinter Meeting in San Diego, January 7-11, the ALSC Board:

Approved, the move of the Draft Strategic Plan to the beginning of the agenda for discussion.

Approved, the amended Board Agenda for Midwinter 2011.

Rescinded, the Scope of Attention Motion to change the words "the eighth grade of junior high school age" to the words "through and including age 13" in Bylaws Article II.

Approved, a resolution honoring Carolyn Wicker Field.

Adopted, the recommendations of the SPA Subcommittee with the following change:  In Recommendation #6, “After successful conversion of the first year’s committees, be replaced with the phrase, “After a two year conversion of the first committees…”.

Accepted, the Tier 1 suggestions from the Friends of ALSC Task Force: a calendar-based membership year and an expanded annual membership drive letter.

Charged, the Quicklist Consulting Committee with creating a core collection development list of graphic novels for children, and moving forward, a best of the best list.

Approved, the sunset of the Great Interactive Software for Kids Committee.

Approved, a change to the Terms of the Notable Children’s Recordings to align the producer’s submission deadline with that of the current Odyssey Committee.

Approved, a change to the function statement of the Notable Children’s Recordings Committee to remove the words “in disc or tape form” in the first sentence.

Rescinded, a 2004 Annual Conference Board vote to “provide complimentary registration and $250 to ALSC members who speak at the ALSC National Institute.”

Approved, recommendations 2, 3, 4 and 5 from the Banquet Pricing Task Force Report.

Approved, the consent agenda for 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Approved, co-sponsorship in name only of ALA President Roberta Stevens’ “Why I Need My Library” video contest.

Approved, support of Project VIEWS 2 IMLS National Leadership grant initiative, by providing a letter of support and designating an ALSC member or Board member to serve on the strategic advisory board.

Approved, support of ALA Council Document #39, “Resolution in Support of the Dream Act,” in principle.

Approved, the preliminary budget for Fiscal Year 2012.



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