Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago, Ill., July 9-15, the ALSC Board:

VOTED, to approve the board meeting agendas for Annual Conference 2009.

VOTED, to send the Belpre Task Force report back to the task force for review with the following recommendations: co-Latino writers or illustrators can be honored; change “native Spanish speaker” to “fluent Spanish reader” or something equivalent; ALSC President should have role in announcing the award—introducing the award and the REFORMA President, or his/her designee; no Canadian publishers; no extension of eligibility to age 16; add the role of a cultural consultant vetted by REFORMA.

VOTED, to approve the Education Committee’s revision of the ALSC Core Competencies.

VOTED, to approve the recommendations, based on evaluation of the initiative, of the Every Child Ready to Read @ your library® Task Force.

VOTED, to instruct the Organization and Bylaws Committee to return Form K (request for an increase in committee membership and virtual members)  to the Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers Committee for further development, for subsequent board consideration.

VOTED, to instruct the Strategic Planning Alignment Sub-Committee to investigate virtual committee membership possibilities in each priority group and report back to the board.

VOTED, to approve the FY-2010 budget as presented by Andrew Medlar, ALSC Budget Committee Chair, in document 12A.

VOTED, to approve the revised, streamlined board schedule per board discussion for Midwinter 2010.

VOTED, that the purpose of the new, $100,000 endowment will be to support board initiatives and that it be named the Board Initiative Endowment.

VOTED, to instruct the Education Committee to solicit proposals for an online course to be made available to all ALSC members at no cost beyond a cost-recovery registration fee, the balance of which be paid by the spending interest from the Board Initiative Endowment. The course should take place and the money be expended in FY-2011.

VOTED, to postpone the “Motion to Amend” voted on July 13, 2009, by the ALSC membership until a future board meeting or electronic meeting, to allow time for research on ALSC’s actual electronic discussion list policy and on other ALA divisions’ policies, and to refer to ALA Council, if necessary.

VOTED, to put forward as an ALSC Emerging Leaders project an environmental scan for the ALSC Strategic Plan.

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