Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2003 Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, January 24-29, the ALSC Board:

VOTED: To make a contribution to the William R. Gordon Scholarship Fund.

VOTED: That ALSC Appoint Members to a joint ALSC Reforma Task Force to Fundraise for a Pura Belpre Award Endowment.

Committee composed of: ALSC: Co-Chair & 2 Additional members; REFORMA: Co-Chair & 2 Additional members 

Task Force Charge: (Already agreed to by REFORMA)
To work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, both within and without the library profession and the publishing world, to develop specific fundraising strategies to build an Award endowment.

To assure the ability of ALSC and Reforma to support and sustain the future of Pura Belpre Award as well as develop a sufficient financial endowment base to support an annual award.

VOTED: To disband the JOYS Advisory Committee, since the publication of JOYS has ended.

VOTED: To create a new Advisory Committee to assist in the publication of the new ALSC Journal. That this new committee be included in Priority Group VIII, Professional Development. That the name of the new committee be the Children and Libraries Advisory Committee.

Committee Function Statement:

To determine editorial policy for the ALSC journal Children and Libraries, subject to review by the ALSC Board.
To suggest themes for forthcoming issues.
To recommend resource people for articles and review.
To review materials for publication upon request by the editors.

Established: 2002. Editor serves as Chair. 4 members (2-year term, staggered.)

VOTED: To revise the Fall 2002 Executive Committee minutes to read: "President’s Program will be on children & technology with a component on techno-ethics.

VOTED: That all committees receiving fall vice-chair appointments have that reflected in their official committee description. Membership statements to read: "Membership: Chair + [number], vice-chair appointed by vice-president/president-elect in fall appointments.

VOTED: To revise the terms and criteria of the Carnegie Medal, Terms I, to read: "original in that format or released concurrently in another film format."

VOTED: To revise the terms and criteria of the Carnegie Medal, Terms 4, to read:

"�can be based on another medium, or made for another medium (e.g. television)."

VOTED: To revise the terms and criteria of the Carnegie Medal, Definition 5, to read: "’Original in that format’ means that the video is not a re-release of an earlier work released in a film format."

VOTED: To accept the slate as presented and acknowledge the work of the Nominating Committee.

VOTED: That a task force be formed to explore the possibilities of virtual participation by members on ALSC committees; to look at other models of virtual participation; to find out how other divisions in ALA are handling virtual participation; to appoint one Board member, one Priority Group Chair; one person who has had experience on Organization & Bylaws; one person who has participated on a virtual committee (e.g., Quicklists, Great Web Sites, or Penguin/Putnam Award); and to provide an interim report by April 1 with a final report due at Annual Conference.

VOTED: That a task force be formed to explore award proposals made to ALSC; to look at the quality of the award, significance of costs for staff time, administrative costs, and other factors; and to consider recommendations to other organizations, with an interim report by Spring Executive Committee meeting and a final report by Annual Conference. The task force membership: Kathleen Horning, Debra McLeod, Carolyn Brodie.

VOTED: That a three member task force be established to customize the ALA partnership agreements, to be modified for ALSC. An interim report by April 1, and a recommendation for the Board by Annual. Task force membership: Randall Enos, Floyd Dickman, Carolyn Noah.

VOTED: That the ALSC Board accept the draft Division Leadership Manual, review it and submit feedback on it no later than February 28, 2003, to: Kathleen Simonetta, Head of Youth Service Services, Indian Trails Public Library District, 355 S. Schoenbeck, Wheeling, IL 60080, AND after Kathy collates feedback and types in corrections, adopts the revised ALSC Division Leadership Manual no later than March 28, 2003.

VOTED: That ALSC co-sponsor the AASL Legislative Committee program at Toronto, titled: "Joint State Legislative Day: School and Public Libraries Planning Together."

VOTED: To table discussion of Item #10, the new award proposal for audiobooks.

VOTED: To accept the publication proposal for an "ALSC Competencies" book co-published with ALA Editions.

VOTED: To endorse, in principle, the Council Resolution on the USA Patriot Act.

VOTED: To accept Cynthia Richey’s report on plans for the 2003 preconference on Early Literacy.

VOTED: To establish a task force to create guidelines for the Maureen Hayes Award by April 15, 2003, with recommendations to the ALSC Board by Annual 2003.

VOTED: 1. That the chairs of the manual revision task forces be thanked for their work.

2. That Board members send changes and comments to the ALSC office by 2/14.

3. That the office staff incorporate changes by 2/28 and send revised drafts to Board members.

4. The board will review and comment by March 14.

5. The staff will incorporate comments by March 21, and Board will vote by March 25.

6. When accepted, the new manuals will be distributed electronically (by April 1, 2003).

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