Major Actions of the ALSC Board - 2000 Midwinter Meeting

At the 2000 Midwinter Meeting in San Antonio, Texas on January 16-18, 2000, the ALSC Board of Directors:

Approved, by consent, the request from the Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) Access and Technology Committee to co-sponsor, in name only, a program entitled "Lifelong E-Quality: Access for Children and Seniors" to be held during Annual Conference 2000.

Approved, by consent, the clarification of the criteria for eligibility for nominees of the Distinguished Service Award so that it contain the following wording: ". . . made a significant contribution to children's services and ALSC."

Approved, upon recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, the establishment of the Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award. Its function statement reads as follows: To select from the books published in the preceding year within the terms, definitions, and criteria governing the award, the most distinguished American informational book for children.

Approved the Family Resource Coalition of America as a liaison organization to ALSC.

Approved members of the Nominating Committee, 2001: Elizabeth Watson, Chair, Michael Cart, Eliza Dresang, Roxanne Hsu Feldman, and Elaine Meyers.

Directed the ALSC President to appoint a task force to draft a strategic plan and report back to the ALSC Board at Annual Conference 2000.

Endorsed the following resolution:
" Whereas, the ALSC evaluation committees perform a significant and highly visible service to our association; and
Whereas, both elected and appointed members of these committees are expected to be skilled in materials evaluation; and
Whereas, the ALSC Board recognized its responsibility to prepare prospective members of these committees to conduct their activities competently and professionally by scheduling and funding a workshop on materials evaluation; and
Whereas, Dr. Pamela P. Barron and Dr. Carol A. Doll planned and conducted a workshop for ALSC on the evaluation of children's materials; and
Whereas, they developed a thoughtful list of pre-workshop readings and assignments which they made accessible to participants on the ALSC Web page; and
Whereas, they prepared a comprehensive and very valuable notebook of materials for participants to use during the workshop and to take home with them, which included a detailed outline of the course and an extensive bibliography; and
Whereas, they conducted a highly organized, jam-packed workshop on evaluation and group process which provided training in leadership skills and group dynamics for over 60 ALSC members who are new to ALSC committee work; and
Whereas, they accomplished all this with polish, good humor and graciousness
Now therefore be it resolved, that the Board of Directors of Directors of the Association for Library Service to Children commend presenters Dr. Pamela P. Barron and Dr. Carol A. Doll and express its thanks and appreciation for a job well done."

Endorsed, upon recommendation of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, the resolution recognizing the important role Emily Wheelock Reed played in the history of the freedom to read in the United States.

Endorsed, upon recommendation of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, the resolution in support of the AAAS statement on the Kansas State Board of Education decision on the education of students in the science of evolution and cosmology.

Approved, upon recommendation of the Planning and Budget Committee, the following:

  • Establishment of a "Friends of ALSC" program.
  • A request of $1000 from the Knight Fund for the Task Force to Revise the ALSC Division Leadership Manual.
  • Support of start up costs of up to $1.00 per ALSC member for Web based continuing education contingent upon ALA Council approval of the proposal for Continuing Education 2005.

Approved, upon recommendation of the Children and Technology Committee, the guidelines for Electronic Communication for ALSC Committees.

Approved, upon recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, the establishment of the Great Web Sites Committee.

Approved, upon recommendation of the Publications Committee, the following:

  • to revise the Newbery and Caldecott Mock Election Kit.
  • to print a brochure entitled: "Music For Learning and Growing: A Selective Audio List for Infants and Toddlers," as a companion to the "Born to Read: How to Raise a Reader" pamphlet.
  • to seek support and cooperation from the other youth divisions and the Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) to cooperatively update the career pamphlet "Whatever You Like to Do. . . A Youth Services Librarian is Probably Doing It."

Endorsed, upon recommendation of the Legislation Committee, the following: ESEA Reauthorization and School Library Media Resources Bill; database protection legislation; and Thank You Day.

Approved a preconference for Annual Conference 2001.

Directed the Vice President/President Elect to appoint a task force to work with YALSA and HRDR to develop initiatives to recruit people to the profession of youth librarianship.

Directed the ALSC President to appoint a joint task force with REFORMA to review procedures of the Pura Belpré Award Committee and to report back to both boards by Midwinter 2001.

Authorized $3500 to match that amount put forward by REFORMA towards the creation of the Pura Belpré Medal.

Adopted the " Statement of Commitment to Excellence in Library Service to Children in a Technological Age" as follows:
"Technology, specifically the Internet, is revolutionizing how we live, learn and work. No other technology in history has provided us with so much information so easily. Recognizing that the Internet has raised concerns about children's access to potentially harmful material, the Association for Library Service to Children affirms the commitment of children's librarians across America to ensuring a positive library experience for children.
We are committed to:

  • Providing collections, services and assistance that encourage and support children in exploring the world of ideas and information and in developing the knowledge and skills they need to live, learn, work and govern in a democratic society;
  • Selecting and guiding children to age appropriate materials in print, video and online;
  • Providing instruction for children and parents about online searches and other techniques to ensure a positive Internet experience;
  • Respecting the right of parents to decide which materials are appropriate for their children;
  • Advising children and parents on the selection of materials that best meet their needs and interests;
  • Teaching children to think critically about the materials they read and view and to make positive choices;
  • Developing policies and services that recognize and serve the wide ranging needs of children that include, but are not limited to, differences in their emotional and intellectual maturity and family values;
  • Educating parents about the Internet and encouraging them to take an active role in guiding their children's use.
  • Compiling and recommending quality Web sites for children; and
  • Taking an active role in developing Internet policies and programs that help parents protect children from inappropriate material and ensure children's access to information they need.

This commitment is expressed daily in communities across America. We encourage everyone to visit their local library to learn more about this important and valuable new resource and about the policies and programs in place to provide a positive and enriching experience for children."

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