Major Actions of the ALSC Board

Voted on electronically post-conference

Note: The ALSC Board of Directors did not have a quorum during the 2003 Annual Conference in Toronto and therefore was unable to vote on division business at that time. However, immediately following the conference, the board met virtually via the ALSCBOARD electronic discussion list and voted on the major actions below.

VOTED, to approve the ALSC Division Leadership Manual.

VOTED, to approve the Newbery, Caldecott, Sibert, Belpré manuals.

VOTED, to approve the following revisions to the Bechtel Fellowship criteria, pending approval from the University of Florida: REDUCE the number of minimum years of service to eight years (from twelve); ELIMINATE the requirement that the applicant be currently working in direct service to children.

VOTED, to elect Floyd Dickman as the Board representative to the ALSC Planning & Budget Committee.

VOTED, to approve the proposed ALSC programs for the 2004 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando.

VOTED, to co-sponsor in name only the program submitted by the Youth Services Consultants Discussion Group of ASCLA for the 2004 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando.

VOTED, to approve the following change in the International Relations Committee function statement: that the last sentence be changed from "lifestyles and peoples of the United States" to "lifestyles and peoples of the world." Revised function statement to read:

Within the Association's field of responsibility to encourage and facilitate the use of library techniques and knowledge throughout the world; to exchange professional information, ideas, and literature; to act as liaison with international organizations. To identify individuals and organizations which can serve as a resource for reading and reviewing books in languages other than English. To have the responsibility to develop annotated selective bibliographies of children's books available in the United States: in English that reflect the cultural diversity and/or pluralistic nature of the lifestyles and peoples of the world; translated into English from another language; bilingual; and, in languages other than English.

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