Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2001 Annual Conference in San Francisco, June 13-20, the ALSC Board:

  • Authorized the hiring of an outside communications consultant to work with staff and two designated Board members to look at all forms of ALSC member communications, and to make specific recommendations for action by the Fall 2001 Executive Committee meeting.
  • Approved, upon the recommendation of the Children and Technology Committee, the proposed guidelines for the ALSC Members-Only section of the ALSC web site, which will be referred to the ALSC communication consultant for consideration in the development of a communications plan.
  • Approved the movement of the ALSC roster to the Members-Only section of the web site, once this has been developed.
  • Authorized free one-year ALSC membership to Spectrum Scholars who indicate interest in children’s services.
  • Authorized free one-year ALSC membership for Melcher and Bound to Stay Bound Scholarship winners.
  • Elected Carolyn Noah as the Board representative to the Planning and Budget Committee.
  • Approved, upon the recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, the expansion of the Quicklists Consulting Committee to two co-chairs appointing in alternating years, plus ten members.
  • Approved, upon the recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, that the Quicklist Consulting Committee Charge’s last sentence be changed to “Attendance at conference will be optional with the exception of the committee chairs.”
  • Approved, upon the recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, that appointments for vice-chair/incoming chair be made added to the calendar of the ALSC Vice President for the following committees:
    • Children & Technology
    • Intellectual Freedom
    • Legislation
    • Membership
    • Organization & Bylaws
    • Planning & Budget

These vice-chairs will shadow the current chairs at Midwinter and Annual Conference, and will take office at the end of Annual.

  • Approved, upon the recommendation of the Emerging Formats Task Force, the revision of all award and evaluation terms to include e-books in the definition of “book,” starting with books published in 2002.
  • Approved the list of 2002 Annual Conference Program Proposals.
  • Endorsed the Resolution on Legislative Committees of Youth Divisions.
  • Endorsed the following resolution in honor of Stephanie Anton, ALSC Interim Executive Director (June 2000-August 2001):
    • Whereas Stephanie Anton graciously agreed to serve as Interim Director of ALSC; and
    • Whereas she has provided continuity for the Division during this challenging year; and
    • Whereas she has actively recruited and hired a dynamic and dedicated staff; and
    • Whereas she has created a positive office atmosphere that has contributed to a team approach to projects and problem-solving; and
    • Whereas she has represented our Division within ALA with grace and style; and
    • Whereas she was able to maintain her sense of humor and her unflappable perspective while wearing two hats
    • Therefore be it resolved that the ALSC Board of Directors expresses its sincere thanks and appreciation for service above and beyond the call of duty.

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