Major Actions of the ALSC Board - 1999 Annual Conference


At the 1999 Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 24-30, the ALSC Board:

  • By consent, approved the revised edition of the Competencies submitted to the ALSC Executive Committee by the Education Committee.
  • By consent, endorsed a resolution of appreciation for Carol Henderson upon her retirement from the ALA Washington Office.
  • By consent, endorsed support of the Elementary and Secondary School Library Media Resources, Training and Advanced Technology Act (S. 1262) and the Consumer and Investor Access to Information Act of 1999 (H.R. 1858).
  • By consent, approved the revision of the Intellectual Freedom Packet, as recommended by the Publications committee.
  • Commended Susan Roman and her staff for their excellent service to ALSC.
  • Approved a gift of $2,500 to the Spectrum Initiative scholarship program from ALSC and authorized a six-month campaign to encourage individual donations from ALSC members. The collected checks will be transmitted to the Spectrum Fund to achieve a goal of a combined gift of $5,000.
  • Recommended that the ALSC Board discuss division goals in conjunction with the ALA "Beyond Goals 2000" and begin the process of setting new ALSC goals.
  • Approved a budget of up to $25,000 to cover costs of a leadership training workshop focusing on media evaluation to take place at Midwinter 2000.
  • Elected Sue Nespeca as the ALSC Board of Directors' representative on the ALSC Planning and Budget Committee.
  • Approved, upon recommendation of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, the following:
    • The request by the Liaison with Mass Media Committee to change its name to the Quicklists Consulting Committee.
    • The request by the Quicklists Consulting Committee to revise its function statement to read: to serve as consultants and to promote books and other resources through recommendations, compilations of lists, and related services for mass media, individuals, and institutions/organizations involved in the production of programs, films, and other materials/services for children. Requests will be made through the ALSC Office. Quicklists Consulting Committee will function electronically. Attendance at conference will be optional with the exception of the committee chair. Membership: Chair +6. Priority Group VII
    • The establishment of the School Age Programs and Service Committee. Its function statement reads as follows: To identify and disseminate information on effective, cooperative or innovative programming for school age children to libraries, schools, and community agencies serving youth. To develop training workshops on school age programs and services and present them at conferences, institutes and for other institutions serving youth. To cooperate as appropriate with other ALSC committees and other associations working with the school age child to initiate activities and projects. Membership: Chair +8. Priority Group I
    • The request by The National Reading Program Committee to change its name to: ALSC/Book Wholesalers Summer Reading Program Grant and Reading Program Committee.
    • The request by the ALSC/Book Wholesalers Summer Reading Program Grant and Reading Program Committee to revise its function statement to read: To select annually the recipient of the ALSC/Book Wholesalers Summer Reading Program Grant for an outstanding public library summer reading program for children. To prepare and disseminate to the membership information about the winning program and others submitted for the award. Additionally, to serve as needed as reading program consultants and developers as requested by the ALSC office. Membership: Chair +8, Priority Group III.
    • The Econo-Clad Literature Program Award Committee's request to change its name the ALSC/Econo-Clad Literature Program Award.
    • The ALSC/Econo-Clad Literature Program Award Committee request to change its function statement to read: To select annually the recipient of the ALSC/Econo-Clad Literature Program Award, given to an individual who has developed and implemented an innovative and outstanding library program for children using literature to inspire and encourage reading.
  • Accepted the report of the Arbuthnot Task Force.
  • Accepted, in principle, the report of the ALSC Informational Book Award Task Force and commended the task force for its work.
  • Approved the President's proposed programs for Annual Conference 2000.

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