Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2004 Annual Conference in Orlando, June 24-30, the ALSC Board:

VOTED, to approve the 2004 Midwinter Meeting minutes

VOTED, that the Oral History Committee expand its membership from four members plus the chair, to six members plus the chair

VOTED: that, to accurately reflect the committee's function, one sentence in the function statement be changed. The newly proposed function statement reads as follows (bolded text indicates the change):

"To select recipients and alternates for the annual ALSC scholarships: Frederic G. Melcher and Bound to Stay Bound for professional education of librarians to work with children; to assist the ALSC office in publicizing the scholarships to potential candidates; and to advise the ALSC Board on needed changes in terms or administration of the scholarships."

VOTED, that the term for the ALSC Distinguished Service Award Committee be changed to run from Midwinter to Midwinter, instead of from Annual to Annual, to ensure ample response time for potential applicants and more opportunities for the committee to review and discuss the applications.

VOTED, that ALSC will offer authors a 50/50 split of the 10% of receipts from ALA Editions.

VOTED, to accept the Guidelines for ALSC Partnerships

VOTED, that if an author or representative of an author of book published by a small, independent press submits his or her Newbery-(Caldecott-/Sibert-) eligible book to the Newbery (Caldecott/Sibert) Committee for consideration, and that book is republished later by another publisher, then the book will not be reconsidered upon its commercial publication. The chair of the Newbery (Caldecott/Sibert) Committee will keep and pass on a current –year list of Newbery- (Caldecott-/Sibert-) eligible books received directly from authors or from small, independent presses

VOTED, that ALSC will transfer $5,000 to the Belpré Endowment in the 2005-2006 budget year.

VOTED, that ALSC match the $50,000 (or any amount up to $50,000) that PLA has proposed to fund the Every Child Ready to Read initiative.

VOTED, that ALSC provide complimentary registration and $250 to ALSC members who speak at its National Institute.

VOTED, to establish a joint ALSC/REFORMA discussion group on Día de los libros/Día de los Niños.

VOTED, to approve the draft Virtual Participation Task Force Timeline

VOTED, to approve the Guidelines for New ALSC Awards

VOTED, to accept the 2005 program proposals. The ALSC/REFORMA co-sponsored program will be added.

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