Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2006 Annual Conference in New Orleans, June 22-28, the ALSC Board:

VOTED, to approve the 2006 Midwinter ALSC Board meeting minutes.

VOTED, to extend the term of the (Mildred L.) Batchelder, (Randolph) Caldecott, (Andrew) Carnegie, (Theodor Seuss) Geisel, (John) Newbery, and (Robert F.) Sibert Award Selection Committees to two years. The revised term will read: “Fall, 2 years (see Notes).” The following statement will be added to the Notes: “The term is for a single year’s award. Attendance at the first Midwinter conference and last Annual conference is optional but strongly encouraged.”

VOTED, to propose to the ALSC membership on the 2007 ballot the following amendment to Article XI of the ALSC Bylaws (new text in bold, italics):
Sec. 2 to read: “These Bylaws may be amended by a mail or electronic vote of the membership when a two-thirds majority of the votes returned are affirmative.”
Sec. 3 to read: “The proposed amendment must be sent to the membership not less than one month before the vote on it shall be take. It may be sent to the membership by inclusion in an official publication of ALSC, the American Libraries, or by direct mail or electronically when so authorized by the Board of Directors.”

VOTED, to propose to the ALSC membership on the 2007 ballot the following amendment to Article X of the ALSC Bylaws:
Change the last line of the article, which currently reads, “The Nominating Committee shall report its slate of candidates at the Midwinter Meeting of the Board of Directors the year following its appointment” to:
“The Nominating Committee will report the slate of candidates to the ALSC Executive Committee in writing by October 1, for the Fall Division Leadership Meeting in the year of the Nominating Committee’s appointment .”

VOTED, to sign onto the Mary Jane Anderson Memorial Resolution with the hope that the Newbery term referenced would be updated to state, “The 1992 Newbery Committee…”

VOTED, to propose to the ALSC membership on the 2007 ballot the following amendment to Article VIII of the ALSC Bylaws:
Change the first item (a) under Sec. 5, which currently reads, “Each ALSC committee shall be assigned to a Priority Group” to:
“Each ALSC committee and task force shall be assigned to a Priority Group.”

VOTED, to expand membership of the Liaison with National Organizations Serving Children and Youth Committee from fifteen to sixteen members. The new membership statement will read: “Two co-chairs and fourteen members (each member responsible as liaison to two organizations).

VOTED, to require that one member of the Legislative Committee be a current or past ALSC Board member. The new membership statement reads, “Six members plus the chairperson. The chairperson to be ALSC’s representative to ALA’s Legislative Assembly. One member to be a current or past (within three years) ALSC Board member. A staff member from the ALA Washington Office to be invited to serve ex-officio.”

VOTED, to establish a joint task force with REFORMA called the Belpré Communication Improvement Task Force. The purpose of the task force is to create procedures to improve communication between ALSC and REFORMA staff and members related to the administration of the Belpré Award and the award celebration. One expected product is a written manual of expectations, procedures, and responsibilities. The task force will be comprised of two members and/or staff from both REFORMA and ALSC, appointed by each organization’s president. The task force will commence its work following 2006 Annual Conference and complete its work in time to present recommendations to both boards at the 2007 Midwinter conference.

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