Major Actions of the ALSC Board

At the 2007 Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, January 16-21, the ALSC Board:

VOTED, to approve the Midwinter 2007 Board agenda.

VOTED, to approve the Midwinter 2007 consent agenda.

VOTED, to accept the Popular Books for School-Age Readers Task Force report.

VOTED, to accept the draft conflict of interest policy in spirit.

VOTED, to accept the suggested ALSC-L policies and procedures based on RUSA-L policies and procedures with alterations.

VOTED, to establish the Kids! @ your library® Task Force as a standing committee and also change the name of the committee. The Kids! @ your library® Task Force will be established as a standing committee at the close of Annual Conference 2007, and will be renamed the Public Awareness Committee.

Function Statement: To promote awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children. To plan, execute, coordinate, and disseminate public awareness campaigns about the importance of library service for youth. To provide public awareness learning opportunities for library staff and other stakeholders.
Membership: Chair, plus eight members.
Term: Spring, 2 year. One member to be liaison from current ALSC Board. One member to serve as liaison to ALA’s Advocacy Coordinating Group.

VOTED, to discontinue the Social Issues Discussion Group. The Social Issues Discussion Group is discontinued effective at the end of Midwinter Meeting 2007. Anitra Steele, convener of Social Issues Discussion Group, proposed this sunsetting based on two major factors:  1) the need for the group is superceded by existing technology through electronic discussion lists and chat rooms; and 2) attendance has been nil for the last three years.

VOTED, to accept the Notable Software Committee Report.

VOTED, to accept the recommendations of the Morris Endowment Task Force.

VOTED, to accept the FY 2008 Proposed Preliminary Budget.

VOTED, to establish a 5-member task force to coordinate ALSC participation in the Legislation Outreach to Congress display activity to take place at Annual 2007. TF to be sunsetted at the conclusion of Annual 2007.

VOTED, to accept the Early Literacy Task Force recommendation that ALSC will initiate discussion with the PLA Board regarding the “reactivation” of the Every Child Ready to Read project.

VOTED, to co-sponsor in name only the 2007 PLA Pre-conference: “The Fun and Facts of Early Literacy: Communicating with Parents & Caregivers through Story time”

VOTED, to co-sponsor in name only the PLA program “It’s Logical! Evaluating your Summer Reading Program in Context of Your Library’s Strategic Plan” to be held at 2007 Annual Conference.

VOTED, to co-sponsor in name only the ALCTS program “Cataloging Correctly for Kids: AV, E-Books and More!” to be held at 2007 ALA Annual Conference.

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