Major Actions of the ALSC Board of Directors - Annual Conference 2014

At the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, the ALSC Board of Directors:
Accepted, the Emerging Leader Project Report and thanked them for their work.
Established, ALSC Matters! as a public newsletter open to all upon publication with no log-in required, that subscriptions will be offered for those who would like to be notified of publication, and that its policy prohibiting advertising be rescinded. 
Supported, a proposal to host a diversity forum pending budget committee review.
Established, that the Wilder Award be given annually.
Endorsed, a memorial resolution honoring Mary Margaret (Maggie) Kimmel.
Endorsed, a memorial resolution honoring Marilyn Lea Miller.
Established, a task force to crowd source member input and explore evolving the Carnegie Award to include new media for children.
Accepted, proposed FY15 budget and additional financial proposals as outlined in Document 32d.
Agreed, to promote “Take Your Child to the Library Day” in 2015 and 2016.
Agreed, to provide a book list to support the Save the Children Tool Kit for the Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative.
Approved, in concept, participation in the 30 Million Word Gap initiative.
Agreed, to discontinue the Children’s Book Discussion Group.
Agreed, to discontinue the Collections of Children’s Books for Adult Research Discussion Group.
Approved, a revised function statement for the Local Arrangements Committee.