Friends of ALSC - 2017

Donations received between December 1, 2016, and November 30, 2017

President's Circle - $1,000 and over

Educational Book and Media Association (In honor of Robert Sibert) 
Paula Holmes

Gold Circle - $500 to $999

Anne Britton
Andrew Medlar
Mary Somerville

Silver Circle - $250 to $499

Dudley Carlson
Joseph Doniach
Barbara Immroth
Jenna Nemec-Loise (In honor of Dan Bostrom)
Linda Perkins
Ed Spicer
Judy Zuckerman

Notables Circle - $100 to $249

2007 Newbery Committee (In honor of Betsy Orsburn)
Joan Atkinson
Christopher Brown
Norman and Roseann Brown
Mary Burkey
Christine Caputo
Dayton Metro Library (In honor of Jean Gaffney upon her retirement)
Susan Faust
Mary Fellows
Stephanie Goodwin
Sharon Grover
Amy Kellman
Nina Lindsay (In memory of Ruth Gordon)
Marianne Martens (In honor of Youth Services Working Group/Kent State SLIS)
Deborah Masters
Cecilia McGowan
Matthew McLain
Claudette McLinn
MLS Colleagues
Jamie Naidoo
Betsy Orsburn
Linda Pavonetti
JoAnna Schofield
Barbara Sippel
Vicky Smith
Karin Suni  (In honor of Chris Brown)
Brian Wilson

Friends Circle - $25 to $99

Marilyn Ackerman
Jean Bellavance
Alan Bern
Ramona Caponegro
Kate Capps
Monica Carnesi
Shannon Coon
Julie Dietzel-Glair
Amy Estersohn
Beryl Evans
Bruce Farrar
Rachel Fryd
Patrick Gall
Lolly Gepson
Kathy Jarombek
Laura Jenkins
Barbara Klipper
Amy Koester
Amy Leyva
Virginia Manning
Mimi Patton
Connie Pottle
Grace Ruth
Marion Rutsch
Kathryn Salo
Megan Schliesman
Amy Sears
Lisa Soper
Ellen Suni
Aimee Thrasher-Hanson
Lisa Von Drasek
Mary Voors
Beatriz Wallace
April Wayland
Adrienne Wright