What Is an ALSC Committee?

An ALSC committee is a group made up of volunteer members of ALSC working toward shared goals in support of library services to children and the mission of the Association. ALSC committee work and activities are broadly guided by the ALSC Vision and Strategic Plan and more specifically by each committee’s charge that outlines the specific purpose of the committee. ALSC is primarily made up of standing committees with ongoing projects but groups can take other forms such as task forces designed to achieve specific goals within a specific period of time, and discussion groups that meet periodically for informal discussion around designated topics of interest to the Association and its members.

Most committee members’ terms of service, particularly process committees, are for two years beginning July 1 and ending June 30 two years later. Committee chairs serve a one-year term and may be reappointed. Each group is designed to either meet face-to-face, as with most of the awards committees, or virtually. Face-to-face committees are expected to meet during ALA’s yearly conferences at the Midwinter Meeting (usually in January) and Annual Conference (usually in June).  Committee members attend the All Committee meeting at Midwinter and Annual Conference to meet and may designate additional online meeting times to cover specific work not accomplished during conference. Virtual committees are expected to complete their work virtually but may informally meet at conferences if there is consensus among the group. Chairs of virtual committees are strongly encouraged to attend conferences.* Best practices for virtual committee work can be found online. More information on committee work and committee leadership can be found in the ALSC Division Leadership Manual
Below is a list of the nearly 70 committees that carry out the work of the Association, developing valuable programs, publications, and resources for youth librarians. Committees are arranged into Priority Group areas. 

Read the through the list for an overview of how each committee operates to help determine which committee might best fit your interests and schedule. Then visit the Appointments Process and Volunteer page for tips and advice on volunteering, to review the appointment process timeline and to access the committee volunteer form.

See the Committee Resources webpage for links to more helpful resources.