Awards Program Review Task Force


1. Review the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award and propose what, if any, changes should be made to address the inconsistency between Wilder’s legacy and ALSC’s core values.  The task force should consider renaming the award, but may entertain and recommend any course of action, including none.  This work should include a broad survey of stakeholders for input to identify the range of considerations, and subsequent consultation with experts to further analyze these considerations. (Due: May 15, 2018)
2. Review the following ALSC awards for consistency between the legacy of the honoree-in-name, the purpose of the award, and ALSC’s core values (considering also that these awards fund a majority of ALSC's operating budget and have sponsors, endowments, and/or partners): Newbery, Caldecott, Geisel, Sibert, Batchelder, and Arbuthnot. Additionally, a new award around excellence in early learning digital media is in development which may be supported through the Carnegie Corporation’s support since the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video was sunset in 2016. Make recommendations for changes, or for further investigation, for these awards. (Due: Dec 15, 2018)
3  The task force may also make recommendations for future investigation of other ALSC sponsored or co-sponsored book, media, professional awards, and scholarships if deemed necessary. (Due: Dec 15, 2018)


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Chair + 4 + AILA representative.

The committee will operate virtually. Chair is required to attend ALA Annual 2018 and Midwinter 2019 to present recommendations to the ALSC Board.


Established at the request of the Board of Directors.