ALCTS Committee Reports: 2017 Midwinter Meeting

ALCTS committees and interest groups submit reports to the ALCTS Office after each conference. Following are the reports submitted by the ALCTS Division-level committees.

Advocacy and Policy Committee

The Advocacy and Policy Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22 to review its activities:

Increase awareness of the ALCTS mission and activities to outside groups:

  • A response to Lauren Corbett’s question at the ALA Committee on Legislation (COL) Appropriations report at Midwinter included a mention of talking points regarding Library of Congress subject headings being blocked. Eugenia Beh, our representative to ALA COL, is checking on this.

Increase awareness of the ALCTS mission and activities to outside groups and Develop ALCTS as a vibrant, relevant organization:

  • Continued discussion of the Advocacy Implementation Plan and where ALCTS best fits.
  • Awaiting the Organization and Bylaws Committee to conclude its review process and for the ALCTS Board to take up our request to change our charge.

Increase participation in ALCTS activities:

  • 60th Anniversary Committee and Membership Committee are jointly planning an eforum and we offered our assistance if needed.

Submitted by Lauren Corbett

Affiliate Relations Committee

The Affiliate Relations Committee (ARC) met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday January 22. Mary Beth Thomson, the incoming ALCTS president, visited the committee to discuss ALCTS initiatives. Chair Shannon Tennant also updated the committee on news from the ALCTS Board and Division Chairs meetings. Two upcoming events were of particular interest to the committee. We can share the planned ALCTS Exchange with the affiliates; the online format makes affiliate participation easier. The new mentoring program is also a marketing opportunity for ALCTS that we can promote.

After the conference, we will verify that liaison assignments are still a good fit. The committee members will contact their liaisons and update the directory. Shannon will send a template of a sample email. There are two issues to be resolved about the affiliate directory. One issue is that some members have experienced difficulty updating the directory in Connect. The other issue is that there have been problems with people being unsubscribed from ALCTS listservs. When the committee has updated information, we can contact Keri at the ALA office and resolve both these issues.

The committee also discussed future programming. At the ARC meeting in June 2016, the committee came up with an idea for a program about revitalizing affiliate groups. This idea was proposed as a program for the 2017 Annual Conference, but was not accepted. However, the Program Committee suggested we consider applying to make the topic an e-forum. The online format of an e-forum would allow more affiliate members to participate. We also discussed this year’s Affiliate Showcase. Last year it was very difficult to get speakers who met the program’s criteria. It was proposed that we use our Showcase this year to host a discussion rather than a program. The committee brainstormed some potential topics, including chapter revitalization ideas, how to find speakers, relationships with state library organizations, collaboration with other groups, creating leadership continuity, and identifying talent.

Finally, Shannon shared that the ARC has been contacted by the ALCTS Membership committee about possible collaboration. Neither co-chair could attend the ARC meeting, but a conference call was scheduled for after Midwinter. Shannon will report back to the committee.

Submitted by Shannon Tennant

ALCTS Monographs Editorial Board

The ALCTS Monographs Editorial Board met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Saturday, January 21. Currently there are ten monographs in progress. Eight of the ten are scheduled for publication in 2017. The Publications Committee Publicity Subcommittee has distributed three calls for monograph proposals on appropriate electronic discussion lists over the past six months: 1) Sudden Position series with 12 proposals received and five currently in production; 2) Analysis and Assessment series with four proposals received; and 3) Digital Preservation chapter proposals due at the end of February, 2017.

ALCTS Monographs in collaboration with ALA Editions published two monographs in 2016:

  1. Linked Data for Cultural Heritage by Ed Jones and Michele Seikel, eds.
  2. Shared Collections: Collaborative Stewardship, by Dawn Hale, editor.

Shared Collections has received the 2016 ALCTS Outstanding Publications Award!

Titles in progress include:

  • Coding for Efficiencies in Cataloging and Metadata: practical Applications of XML, XSD, XSLT, and XQuery.
  • Textbooks in Academic Libraries: Selection, Circulation, and Assessment
  • Affordable Course Materials: Electronic Textbooks and Open Educational Resources
  • Reengineering the Library: Advances in Electronic Resources Management
  • Sudden Position: Electronic Resources
  • Sudden Position: Acquisitions
  • Sudden Position: Collection Assessment
  • Sudden Position: Technical Services Manager
  • Sudden Position: Collection Management
  • Guide to Streaming Video Acquisitions in Libraries

Submitted by Susan E. Thomas

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22.

The Chair reported on ALA finances as presented at the Planning and Budget Assembly and the Council/Membership Information Session. The Committee discussed ALCTS financial performance during the recently completed fiscal year (September 1, 2016-August 31, 2017).

The Committee discussed ALCTS financial performance during the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 (September 1, 2017- November 30, 2017). The Committee discussed the preliminary 2018 fiscal year budget to be recommended for board acceptance on January 23, 2017. Finally, the Committee discussed the recommendation for an ALCTS dues increase to be recommended for board action on January 23, 2017.

Submitted by James Dooley

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education (CE) Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22. In attendance were 14 committee members in person and virtually as well as Julie Reese from the ALCTS office.

The overall theme was pride in our committee’s work so far this year and excitement about continuing to do good work in the future. Julie Reese’s report on the high participation in the Fall 2016 webinars and web courses demonstrated the value of the Committee’s work. We commend our Marketing Coordinators for their hard work in promoting all of our continuing education activities.

The scheduling of webinars between now and the 2017 Annual Conference is fairly settled, but the Webinar Development Subcommittee is always looking for great ideas that will resonate with many people as well as smaller topics that would have a more specialized audience. The Webinar Production Subcommittee and the Webinar Technical Support Subcommittee have been working together to improve practice sessions and assist presenters. We are looking forward to a five-part webinar series titled “Re-envisioning Technical Services: Identifying Leadership and Talent Management Best Practices” which begins soon.

Web Courses continue to be popular, especially the Fundamentals of Cataloging (FOC) course. The Fundamentals of Metadata (FOM) course is under development, with revisions in process based on initial feedback before it will be ready for pilot testing. We want to thank everyone involved in reviewing the course and providing feedback.

The e-Forum Coordinators are always looking for topics for the two-day e-Forums. Five e-Forums took place in this fiscal year so far with an average of 136 messages and about 35 members contributing. Since they are freely available to both ALCTS members and non-members, they are an avenue of outreach for ALCTS.

We are looking forward to the ALCTS Exchange this year. Julie Reese, liaison to the ALCTS Office, talked about the online format and said that planning is going well.

During their visit to the CE Meeting, Vicki Sipe and Mary Beth Thomson thanked the group for the hard work of this committee and offered congratulations for a job well done this quarter. They also asked everyone to consider donating to ALCTS for the $60 for 60 Years campaign.

Submitted by Alison Armstrong

International Relations Committee

Due to low number of committee members attending 2017 ALA Midwinter, the International Relations Committee (IRC) chose not to meet at the conference opting instead for a virtual meeting that was held February 1, 2017.

ALCTS President, Vicky Sipe, joined the meeting and discussed several ALCTS initiatives that are being developed to help celebrate ALCTS’ 60th anniversary: ALCTS Exchange, ALCTS Mentoring Program, and the $60 for 60 years campaign. She also confirmed that Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, will be the speaker at the ALCTS President’s program at the 2017 Annual Conference. Finally, Ms. Sipe also updated members on the ALCTS’ budget for the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

The IRC reviewed its activity since the 2016 ALA Annual Conference. The committee reviewed 68 applicants and awarded ten ALCTS Online Course Grants for Library Professionals from Developing Countries for the fall 2016 grant cycle. The IRC also worked with section chairs to identify nominees from ALCTS to represent ALA on the following IFLA standing committees for the upcoming 2017-2021 term: Classification and Indexing (CaMMS), Cataloguing (CaMMS), Bibliography (CaMMS), Serials and Other Continuing Resources (CRS), News Media Section (CRS), Preservation and Conservation (PARS) and Knowledge Management (ALCTS). The nominations and supporting materials were sent to the ALCTS Board of Directors for approval.

The committee then turned to current activities. The timeline for reviewing applications for the spring 2017 cycle of Online Course Grants for Library Professionals from Developing Countries was approved. The call for applications for the spring 2017 cycle opened January 16, 2017 and will close February 17, 2017. There are a total 17 grants available for six courses: Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Acquisitions (three grants), Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Acquisitions (three grants), Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management (three grants), Fundamentals of Collection Assessment (three grants), Fundamentals of Cataloging (two grants), and Fundamentals of Preservation (three grants).

The committee also discussed possible topics for a program proposal for the 2018 ALA Annual Conference. It was decided that the committee would move forward on proposing a program on information at risk and international initiatives to preserve access. Given the success of our poster, “ALCTS Continuing Education to Support Librarians and Information Professionals from Developing Countries,” presented at the 2017 IFLA World Library and Information Congress, the committee is considering proposing a poster at the 2018 IFLA conference.

Submitted by Nina Servizzi

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development (LD) Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22, with four committee members participating virtually via Google Hangouts.

One primary focus of the committee’s discussions at this conference was the launch of the new ALCTS Mentoring Program, which is being developed by the Leadership Development Committee’s new Mentoring Subcommittee. Regina Gong, Chair of the subcommittee, reported that in the three days since the program’s call for participation was issued on Tuesday, January 17, twelve potential mentees and 11 potential mentors had already signed up for the new program. Applications will be accepted through March 17, and after that date the Subcommittee, with assistance from volunteers from the full committee, will begin to match the mentoring pairs. Ideally the program should have more mentors than mentees to ensure appropriate matches. In the meantime, Mentoring Subcommittee members will work on developing a LibGuide (as an ALCTS “pilot” of the ALA LibGuides platform) to include training materials and best practices. While the mentoring program is intended to serve as a benefit of ALCTS membership, the committee discussed possible ways to ensure that the program is accessible to both current students and recent graduates, which may require coordination with the ALCTS Membership Committee. The Mentoring Subcommittee will put out a call for volunteers from the larger committee to help with matching mentors and mentees.

The Committee also discussed a white paper drafted by four members of the Leadership Development Committee that presents a gap analysis of professional development opportunities within ALCTS. The extensive data gathered and analyzed for this project include a variety of programs and educational offerings across ALA and a review of recent job descriptions to develop lists of skill sets, with an emphasis upon both hard and soft skills. Many of the gaps identified are in areas such as budgeting, software, assessment, project management, and leadership, which suggest opportunities to partner with other ALA units in developing new opportunities. After the group incorporates editorial changes to the white paper that resulted from committee discussions, the revised paper (with the data appended) will be distributed to the ALCTS Board by March 1.

The LD Committee is also creating a pilot LibGuide that will contain materials related to supporting ALCTS leaders. The LibGuide format will enable the materials to be updated more easily than if they are all posted to the ALCTS website. The LD Committee will review the draft guide in the coming weeks and then share it with ALCTS committee chairs at an upcoming virtual meeting.

The LD Committee’s program for the 2017 ALA Annual Conference, “How to be an Influential Librarian: Leading and Mentoring from Wherever You Are” will feature three speakers representing the perspectives of early, middle, and late career librarians. The planning group will seek co-sponsorships, perhaps from the New Members Round Table or from LLAMA.

Submitted by Jennifer Bowen

Organization and Bylaws Committee

The Organization and Bylaws (O&B) Committee met during the 2017 Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22. The group dedicated its meeting to finalizing the reviews of three ALCTS committees (Advocacy and Policy, Metadata Standards, and Membership) and three Interest Groups (Creative Ideas in Technical Services, Electronic Resources Management, and Public Libraries Technical Services). O&B formally recommended to the ALCTS Board of Directors that all committees and interest groups be continued. Because the Metadata Standards Committee and the Electronic Resources Management Interest Group are joint groups with LITA, there will be additional work done to ensure LITA also approves this recommendation. The O&B chair will work with the ALCTS President and Executive Director to facilitate this additional step.

The committee is continuing its evaluation of the Collection Management Section and will prepare a formal report and motion to the Board of Directors later in the spring of 2017.

O&B also submitted two additional documents to the Board of Directors. First, the group conducted a self-review of its work over the last five years and put forward a report to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for review, feedback, and approval. Second, O&B revised the ALCTS Bylaws and submitted for review, feedback, and approval from the Board of Directors. Note, however, that any final Bylaws changes will only take effect upon the vote of the ALCTS membership.

Finally, O&B recommended to the Board of Directors that the Out of Print Interest Group be discontinued because it has not met in several years.

Submitted by Santi Thompson

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22. The Committee approved minutes of the 2016 Annual meeting as written. We discussed the December Review of Quarterly Committee Reports, our 5th review. The Committee didn't have any changes to make in the review. The Chair brought up the 2013 survey done prior to writing the current ALCTS Strategic Plan, which was approved in 2015. The committee agreed that surveying members and other stakeholders would be a good idea prior to beginning a new round of strategic planning in 2018. We discussed the questions used in the 2013 survey, and decided to add some additional survey questions.

ALCTS President Vicki Sipe spoke with us at 3:00. She asked us to contact President-Elect Mary Beth Thomson concerning how she wants to handle the quarterly committee and section reports during her tenure, and also to get her take on surveying the ALCTS community this fall.

The Chair will also contact ALCTS Director Keri Cascio to get the text of the original survey and other survey materials we can use.

Submitted by Michele Seikel

Program Committee

The Program Committee held two business meetings during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, GA. The first meeting, held on Saturday, January 21, was attended by several committee members, ALCTS section representatives, a liaison from the ALCTS Board, the ALCTS Executive Director, and the ALCTS office representative. The agenda focused primarily on the ALA conference remodel initiative that will be taking effect at the 2018 Annual Conference (to learn more about the remodel please visit the ALA Conference Committee Connect site. There are several details of the remodel that ALA has not finalized and the program committee discussed some of our most pressing questions with Keri Cascio (ALCTS Executive Director), such as how complete the proposals must be when submitted through the ALA centralized site? The committee decided that we need to take steps to inform ALCTS members on the programming changes. We will be sending out an announcement to the ALCTS membership on the remodel as well as develop a webinar on how to submit program proposals in the new environment. There was also discussion on the issues we are facing on receiving program proposals for certain sections. We wish to have programming that represent all of ALCTS’ interests and decided that the co-chairs will make sure to discuss with section representatives when there is a shortage of programming for their respective areas. Along with these discussions the committee met with the ALCTS president, Vicki Sipe and ALCTS President-Elect Mary Beth Thompson who discussed some ALCTS updates on the $60 for 60 ALCTS fundraising campaign, the ALCTS Exchange, and the mentoring program. Mary Beth also reminded the group to fill out the volunteer form in anticipation of the appointments she will be making later this year.

The second business meeting was attended by the co-chairs, an ALCTS office representative, the Conference Program Coordinator Team Representative, and one member of the committee. Our team representative discussed the ALA Conference Committee meeting he attended on Saturday at Midwinter and confirmed with the group that the timeline for the remodel was still set for April 2017. Much of the discussion during the ALA conference committee meeting was on content streams and how best to “tag” the programs for conferences. It was confirmed that the ALA Conference Committee would create the finalized list of tags with input of all the divisions of ALA. There was also discussion on how large programming juries should be and it was recommended it be no more than 10 people, they will not be enforcing this to division juries like ALCTS. After the update the co-chairs and ALCTS office representative asked the team representative to relay some concerns that were not addressed at their meeting such as if a program is rejected by one division can they refer that program to another division? We concluded the meeting with a discussion on virtual and in-person preconference low proposals turnout. Preconferences are very important for ALCTS since these ticketed events assist with the financial viability of the association. The co-chairs decided that the committee may need to take a bigger role in assisting with the creation of these preconferences. The co-chairs decided to send a communication to the program committee members on what topics or trends they see in their respective areas that may be worth creating a virtual or in-person preconference.

Submitted by Hayley Moreno

Publications Committee

The ALCTS Publications Committee met on Sunday, January 22 at the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting. The committee heard updates from the editors of ALCTS News, Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS), ALCTS Monographs, and the Library Materials Price Index. The group noted a high number of submissions for both ALCTS Monographs and LRTS in 2016. They also discussed strategies to further engage LRTS readers, including platforms for moderated reader comments and feedback and author chats.

The group also heard updates from Publicity Subcommittee Chair Scott Phinney. The committee is responsible for developing monthly e-mail discussion list “blasts” that highlight specific ALCTS publication venues, or solicit proposals for a particular topic. The regular messages have led to increased submissions.

The committee discussed next steps for updating the Publications Topics list, with a focus on reorganizing the list and updating the web page to make the list easier to peruse. The list, which is updated and distributed twice a year, features topics of interest for ALCTS Publication venues.

The committee also discussed next steps for a regular process to review monographs post-publication. Specifically, older titles are to be reviewed to determine whether they should be considered for updating or revision, or remain as is. The group discussed possibilities for open access for older titles, and issues around the remaining inventory in the ALA store warehouse.

Submitted by Mary Miller

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee met during the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting on Sunday, January 22. A list of ALA Midwinter Meeting standards-related programs was distributed. The Committee discussed ALCTS’ LibGuide for standards webliography. Our next step is to populate the LibGuide according to guidelines established by Keri Cascio, ALCTS’ Executive Director. The Committee supported ALA’s NISO representative by reviewing and distributing 17 standards reviews in the last six months. COUNTER release 5 will come out later this year, and we will be involved in disseminating information about that and commenting on the release. There was an update from the ALCTS Division Chairs meeting about the 60th anniversary events this summer, the virtual conference this spring, the ALA Executive Director search, and the ALCTS News Editor search.

Submitted by Sally Krash