CRS Committee and Interest Group Reports, Annual 2014

Acquisitions Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Acquisitions Committee finalized details for the program, “Articles on Demand: Library Perspectives,” held Monday, June 30, 2014 (there is a separate report in ALCTS News that summarizes the program). There were 135 people in attendance (as counted in the beginning). The Committee also spent some time brainstorming a new program for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference, on “New Needs in Licensing.” Kay Downey submitted a conference proposal form and will arrange a virtual meeting with the ALCTS Program Committee later this summer. The Committee also noted that RUSA STARS has invited us to be a co-sponsor for another 2015 Annual Conference program, “Acquisitions, Collection Development, Electronic Resources, and Interlibrary Loan, Oh My!” Kay will follow up with RUSA STARS this fall to make sure the program is still on. During the past quarter Kristin recruited two moderators to host an e-forum, “Alternative Methods/New Models for Content Acquisition.” The e-forum will be held August 26-27, 2014, with Lindsey Schell (ProQuest/EBL) and Jacqueline Wilson (California Digital Library) as moderators.

Reported by Kristin E. Martin

Executive Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Executive Committee met on Saturday, June 28, 2014. During ALCTS President Genevieve Owens’ and President-Elect Mary Page’s visit, they briefly discussed the ALCTS decision to move LRTS to an e-only model and indicated that the advertisement for the new ALCTS Executive Director will go out soon. In the next year, ALCTS will be looking at how its strategic planning fits in with ALA’s, so CRS may be asked to contribute. In the next few years, CRS will undergo a section review, but ALCTS Organization & Bylaws will be in touch before that.

Derrik Hiatt, a representative from the ALCTS Standards Committee, also visited. There was discussion of the role of the ALCTS Standards Committee versus the Sections’ Standards Committees. Discussions will continue; Maria Collins brought up the possibility of collaborating with the ALCTS Standards Committee to organize the semi-annual Standards Forum, which might attract a larger, ALCTS-wide audience.

We discussed PARS’ proposal to encourage interest group programming at Annual rather than Midwinter. We discussed whether CRS should take the same approach, but we determined that CRS should adopt a “wait and see” approach at this point to see what other groups within ALA decide. We emphasized that we can do online programming at any time and do not have to wait for conferences.

Committee and IG Updates: see their full committee reports for further information. Various committees held their annual forums; the Award Juries awarded their awards; Education, Research, & Publications Coordinating Committee (ERPCC) has been especially active, offering an e-forum in May and adding updates to the CRS web presence. Rebecca Kemp introduced the new folder structure for the Section that she has created on ALA Connect for CRS documentation.

Future projects:

Rebecca Kemp will work with Erin Leach and Adolfo Tarango to coordinate a program for next Annual, co-sponsored in name by ALCTS Advocacy, about how Technical Services staff “make the magic happen” in maintaining e-resource access. We plan to reach out to other groups, potentially RUSA, LLAMA, and LITA, in order to get a wider audience.

The ERPCC plans to investigate offering a webinar series; there was some discussion as to what the topic should be, possibly the “nuts and bolts” of e-resources or current trends in continuing resources, including print archiving, reserves, etc. The topic can be tweaked. The time frame should probably be spring 2015 (rather than fall 2014).

The Executive Committee voted to approve a few changes to the ALCTS CRS webpage, including a new definition of Continuing Resources.

Reported by Rebecca Kemp

Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee met on Saturday, June 28, 2014. The committee began by reviewing the minutes from the 2014 ALA Midwinter Conference. The committee approved the minutes without any further modification.

The meeting continued with a report from Peter Fletcher regarding the development of the PCC Series Training Manual for RDA. The preliminary edition has been completed but not posted yet. Eventually, it will be available on the Cataloger’s Learning Workshop web page. Columbia University Library is in the process of preparing to host an onsite series authority record (SAR) training session using this manual in the fall. During the development of this manual, some issues surfaced and need PCC’s decisions, including recording of the series numerals and capitalization of the first word following “Coleccion” and similar words. The other pending issue is the training plan. Peter chimed in by confirming PCC’s commitment of stepping up to take the series training while continuing the current model.

The committee resumed discussing the details of the update forum. It would consist of two programs: reports from CONSER, ISSN, and CC:DA, followed by a panel discussion with 6 panelists. In the second part of the program, it would be open to the audience for questions and answers. The committee reviewed questions regarding cataloging integrating resources, and other questions were also identified. For instance, clarification of PCC’s position on the recording of 4XX and 8XX (currently only 8XXs are required); the recording of series numerals; and the recording of ISSNs in SARs.

The committee brainstormed program ideas for the 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference. One possible topic is BIBFRAME and serials since PCC has decided to become more proactive with BIBFRAME development. Bonnie Parks offered to attend the LC BIBFRAME update on Sunday, June 29, 2014 and share her thoughts on potential speakers on this topic.

Derrick Hiatt brought the committee’s attention to a newly established division level committee at ALCTS. The Standards Committee is charged to facilitate the coordination among various standards committee across sections regarding standards development. As the CRS liaison to the Standards Committee, he welcomes the suggestions from members.

Reported by Kurt Blythe

Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee met on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Several information items were covered, including:

  • Changes in the committee as of July 1. Some committee members will be leaving, with Heather Staines becoming the new chair.
  • e-forum on May 21-22, 2014, on “Identifying a Research Project and Seeing it through to Publication.” The response to the e-forum was very good, with 80 posts from 32 individuals.
  • Completed projects. An “Authors needed!” block was inserted on all CRS committee opening pages, with a link to the ALCTS author’s guide. The previously produced video on continuing resources was posted on the opening CRS web page.

The discussion items included:

  • Review of the new ALCTS procedures for manuscript proposals and manuscript reviews.
  • Webinar and e-forum sponsorship in the coming year. It was decided to wait on this until spring, since the focus is now on planning for a program for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference.
  • Program for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference. A proposal has been submitted for a program relating to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the use of online library resources in distance education. Heather Staines will coordinate the program and will meet virtually with the ALCTS Program Committee and hold a committee chat to develop the idea further.
  • Updating the CRS website with a definition of a continuing resource. Following discussion of a possible definition, Mavis Molto submitted the idea to the CRS Executive Committee and is following through on getting the text posted on the CRS web site.
  • Generating publications for ALCTS. Ideas for generating more publications were considered, including a mentoring process and adding links from the CRS web site to the ALCTS News e-forum summary on research and publication.

ALA Program on “Discovering Open Access Articles: Maximum Access, Maximum Visibility!” The committee sponsored this program on June 28, 2014 with three speakers. The first speaker, Angelo Riggio (UCLA), talked about the recently passed Open Access Policy at the University of California (UC). The policy requires that all UC authors grant the right to reproduce, display, and publish certain content from their work on the e-Scholarship platform. There has also been increased emphasis on digitization, which has resulted in more resources being made available for use in coursework and savings to the students who then do not have to pay for their course materials. Mary Ann Jones (Mississippi State University) spoke about issues in accessing open access articles in hybrid journals. Users of the library discovery system are often referred to interlibrary loan when they search for these articles. Possible solutions were provided, including what publishers and aggregators can do, as well as the importance of authors depositing their open access articles in an open access repository which will make the articles accessible. The last speaker, Nettie Lagace (NISO), spoke about the NISO Open Access Metadata Indicators Initiative, which will soon be finalized. The initiative will result in recommended practices for publishers in providing key open access indicators for articles that are free to read, with accompanying information about the re-use restrictions for the articles, as contained in the journal’s license agreement.

Reported by Mavis Molto

Holdings Information Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Holdings Committee met on Saturday, June 28, 2014. The Committee discussed the logistics for their presentation later that afternoon. Lynn Fields will take over as Chair. Kevin Furniss recommended some strategies to secure speakers for Midwinter 2015.

Reported by Kevin Furniss

Standards Committee

The Continuing Resources Section Standards Committee met Saturday morning on June 28th, 2014. Initial discussion focused on providing an overview of action items related to the Standards Forum session held the next day. The committee also requested that the Forum be assigned a different time due to continuing conflicts with the BIBFRAME session. Following this discussion, the committee brainstormed on ideas for the 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference CRS Forum.

Suggestions included the following:

  • NISO DDA Recommended Practice
    • Michael Lewis Clark - suggested speaker
    • Possibly have library representatives speak, who have worked on the recommended practice
    • Invite someone who could provide an agent or publisher perspective like Ann-Marie Breaux from YBP.
  • Altmetrics: Evolution and current intersection with NISO
    • Todd Carpenter
    • Project Transfer: update and discussion of changes
    • NISO group formed to look at Serials Holdings
    • Open Access Indicators.

The committee then discussed the role and intersection of the CRS Standards Committee with the higher-level ALCTS Standards Committee. Derrik Hiatt, CRS Liaison to the ALCTS Standards Committee, was in attendance. Highlights from this conversation include the following:

  • Derrik defined the role of the ALCTS Standards committee to promote education and member involvement in standards development. This group will also support the ALA voting representative to NISO. This group will serve a coordinating role for collecting feedback on standards sent out for comment.
  • The CRS Standards group should still solicit feedback for CRS-related standards to send back to the ALCTS Standards group. The chair will receive e-mails that call for comment about all standards and should selectively send out requests to the rest of the CRS Standards Committee as appropriate.
  • Discussion followed about the various groups supporting standards work and if the ALCTS Standards group will have a coordinating role across these groups in respect to standards work (Education, Preservation, and Cataloging & Metadata sections).
  • As the CRS Standards Committee is the only group to host a forum, we discussed the idea of scope creep in that the Forum often focuses on more than just serials-related standards.
  • Discussion followed about partnering with other ALA sections to co-host forums and to provide the potential for broader interest in participation from other sections.
  • The committee would like to add Derrik to our committee electronic mailing list so that he can better liaise with our group.
  • Derrik will send out to the group a list of standards his group had collected.

The committee explored further additional ideas for the group besides hosting the forum. These included the following:

  • Big program
  • Write-ups about standards/blog postings
  • Write-up for Standards Update column in Serials Review. Column is now edited by Nettie Legace.
  • Webliography.

On Sunday, June 29th, 2014, from 10:30 to 11:30, the committee hosted the ALCTS CRS Standards Forum: “Improving Article Delivery Through Better Link Resolution: Updates on IOTA and KBART” held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To begin the forum, Nettie Lagace (Associate Director for Programs, National Information Standards Organization) provided a brief NISO update. The session program then focused in detail on two of NISO’s Recommended Practices, IOTA and KBART. Aron Wolf (Software Developer, ProQuest) spoke about ProQuest’s current work to put the IOTA recommended practices into action, as well as ideas for future efforts in increased quality assurance for OpenURL link resolvers. Nettie Lagace then explained updates to KBART and detailed future plans for upkeep and promotion. Approximately 35 people attended the session.

Reported by Maria Collins

College & Research Libraries Interest Group

The Continuing Resources Section College & Research Libraries Interest Group met on Sunday, June 29, 2014, with 45 people attending. The Chair and Vice-Chair facilitated a lively discussion on “Continuing Resources and the Role of Libraries with Publishing in Open Access and Hybrid Journals.” Prompts were provided around these questions:

1. How are libraries supporting the payment of author publishing fees and negotiating author’s rights?

2. How do libraries demonstrate the value of open access publications to faculty and graduate students?

3. How do libraries help faculty understand grant requirements to make data and findings publicly available?

4. How are libraries moving into the open access publishing environment?

5. How do libraries contribute to ensuring the preservation of and access to open access publications?

6. How do libraries advocate value beyond the traditional impact factor?

Participants had a wide-variety of experiences and knowledge around these questions so discussion was fruitful and productive. In the past, we have focused on presentations in this session, but the discussion format seemed to work well, too. Future sessions may include topics such as AltMetrics or Library as Publisher.

Reported by Doralyn Rossmann