LRTS v.58:3 Now Available

Volume 58, Number 3 (2014) of Library Resources & Technical Services is now available

This issue can be found on the website at and contains:


Editorial (p. 142) by Mary Beth Weber, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.142                                                                                          

Providing Perpetual Access (p. 144) by Sarah Glasser, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.144                                                                                          

Ready or Not? (p. 153) by Natalia Tomlin, Irina Kandarasheva, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.153                                                                                          

Collection Development and Management (p. 169) by Kathleen A. Lehman, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.169                                                                                          

WorldCat and SkyRiver (p. 178) by Cathy Blackman, Erica Rae Moore, Michele Seikel, et al., DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.178                                                                                          

Metadata Makeover (p. 187) by Violeta Ilik, Jessica Storlien, Joseph Olivarez, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.187                                                                                          

Book Review: Catalogue 2.0: The Future of the Library Catalogue (p. 209) by Norm Medeiros, Julia Hess, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209a                                                                                        

Book Review: RDA: Strategies for Implementation (p. 209) by Rebecca L. Mugridge, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209b                                                                                        

Book Review: Cataloging Collaborations and Partnerships (p. 211) by Jeremy Myntti, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209c                                                                                        

Book Review: Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide for Organizations of Any Size (p. 212) by Katie Nash, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209d                                                                                        

Book Review: Getting Started with Evaluation (p. 213) by Anne M. Sleeman, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209e                                                                                        

Book Review: Digital Libraries and Information Access (p. 214) by Kathryn Stine, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209f                                                                                         

Book Review: Developing and Managing Electronic Collections: The Essentials (p. 215) by Ginger Williams, DOI: 10.5860/lrts.58n3.209g