2014 ALCTS Emerging Leaders Complete Project

Every year ALCTS sponsors a team of librarians who will participate in the Emerging Leaders program. Each team completes a project. This is the 2014 ALCTS Emerging Leaders team project:

Building Your Web and Making it Grow: Virtual ALCTS 101

2014 Emerging Leaders Team DThe ALCTS Membership Committee and ALCTS New Members Interest Group sponsored four librarians as part of the 2014 Emerging Leaders program: Sojourna J. Cunningham, Katy DiVittorio, Kai Alexis Smith, and Ashley Smolinski. As part of the program, they worked together on a project that they shared with the library community through a poster session at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and a report. The project they elected to pursue was an investigation into the possibility of creating a virtual ALCTS 101 experience. Through their research they identified a number of ways that ALCTS could use technology to reach more of its members and to recruit new members. The introduction to their report describes their work:

The 2014 Emerging Leaders Team D created a template that will be used to advise the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) on the creation of a virtual orientation. ALCTS currently holds an in-person orientation called ALCTS 101 for its division each year at the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference. The orientation provides opportunities for those who are interested in meeting ALCTS leaders and learning about the division. Team D has compiled recommendations for the creation of two types of virtual orientations. This is to provide an opportunity to those who cannot attend the in-person ALCTS 101 to instead access the information in a virtual format. The goal is to encourage new membership and inspire further engagement for current members. The virtual orientations are not intended to replace the in-person ones. This paper includes the recommended components for the virtual orientations. They include (1) Tools and Platforms, (2) Avenues for Marketing, (3) Strategies for Encouraging Participation, (4) Assessment and Follow-up with Participants and (5) Next Steps. The report also includes suggested topics for discussion in the Virtual ALCTS 101 sessions.

Team D’s report was submitted to ALCTS leadership which will study the report and decide on the next steps to take. The full report can be accessed at: http://connect.ala.org/node/225374 .