ALCTS Forum: How My Library Was Energized by ALCTS Publications!

Moderator Dina Giambi, Chair, ALCTS Publications Committee, moderated the ALCTS Forum, “How My Library was Energized by ALCTS Publications!” held on Monday, January 27, 2014 from 10:30-11:30am. Three works published by ALCTS from 2006 to 2013 were fodder for the speakers who presented the impact that the work of authors published by ALCTS had on their respective libraries.

Beth Bernhardt, University of North Carolina Greensboro spoke about the value of The Institutional Repository: Benefits and Challenges (Chicago: Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, 2013) edited by Pamela Bluh and Cindy Hepfer. Ms. Bernhardt used the monograph to prepare herself for her new responsibility of managing her institutional repository. She spoke to the value of the chapter on marketing and the break down by stage of IR, beginning, maturing and mature state referencing the examples provided by the book. She stressed the importance of having a marketing strategy, targeting high profile faculty and providing talking points for library liaisons to the various university departments as a way to distribute the promotional outreach.

Jeanne Drewes, Library of Congress presented on behalf of Holly Robertson about the value of Preservation Manager’s Guide to Cost Analysis (Chicago: Preservation and Reformatting Section, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, American Library Association, 2006) by Elise Calvi, Yvonne Carignan, Liz Dube, and Whitney Pape. Ms. Drewes presented a real life example of using the guide to determine the cost of using commercial housing or creating housing in-house. Through the analysis the in-house production was streamlined to lower the cost and improve the efficiency with a lower per unit cost than using a commercial product. Ms. Drewes spoke to the guide’s value in providing outlines for the types of materials, labor costs and equipment amortization required to have a cost analysis that accurately captured the true costs.

Roy Ziegler, Florida State University spoke quite eloquently about Ross Atkinson as a futurist librarian and the value of Atkinson’s article “Six Key Challenges for the Future of Collection Development,” Library Resources & Technical Services, 50(2006), 244-51. Mr. Ziegler informed the audience of the State University System of Florida Libraries developing a strategic plan and how they used the Atkinson “blueprint” as one of their guiding principles. The outgrowth of their work included an E-book Summit Pre-conference in 2009 and the development of the centralized support for the LMS and group licensing for specialized databases and publisher journal packages.

The audience asked questions and the handouts from the session included information on publishing with ALCTS which can be found at  Current available publications can be found at

—Jeanne Drewes, Chief Binding & Collections Care/Deacidification, Preservation Directorate, Library of Congress