2013 World Library and Information Congress

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79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly Conference and Assembly

IFLA 2013 conference site
IFLA 2013 conference site

ALCTS sponsors representatives to eight sections of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions annual meeting (named World Library and Information Conference beginning in 2003).

The 2013 World Library and Information Congress and 79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly was held in Singapore, August 17–23, at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. More than 3,500 librarians around the world gathered in annual event with the theme Future Responsibilities; Infinite Possibilities. About 2,000 volunteers from the libraries in Singapore provided outstanding services to all conference goers for regular meetings, cultural events, conference logistics, and library visits.

Following are summaries of the presentations and reports from sections which include an ALCTS delegate who was able to attend. To see conference papers from any of the sessions, visit the home page for the conference and click on Conference Papers in the left navigation bar.

Next year's IFLA meetings will be August 16–22, 2014, in Lyon, France. 2015 will be in Africa, 2016 in North America, 2017 in Europe, 2018 in Latin America & the Caribbean, and 2019 in Europe. Interested in joining an IFLA Standing Committee? See "How to Become a Standing Committee Member or Officer."

IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Standing Section Committee

Open Program

The Acquisitions and Collection Development Standing Committee’s annual open program, Collaboration in Collections: Libraries, Users and Information Providers, held on August 20, was well attended at the Congress. The program team did an excellent job in recruiting seven speakers from Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and United States. Their papers and presentations cover the following topics:

  • “Enhancing Access and Usage: The Open University of Hong Kong's Experience in Resource Discovery Service,” by Mun-Yee Shirley Lam and Ming-Ko Sum (Hong Kong). While Ex Libris’s Primo as a discovery tool helps enhance users’ discovery and access to library resources at the library, limitations are worthy of our attention so that relevant strategies can be planned. Collaborations among libraries, content providers, and the developers of the discovery tools will be the key to remove some of the barriers.
  • “New Frontier in Open Access for Collection Development: Perspectives from Canadian Research Libraries,” by K. Jane Burpee (Canada). The presenter shared a survey results on scholarly communication landscape in Canadian research libraries. In Canada, open access (OA) movement was affected by political, educational, and geographic spread. OA plays prominent role in enhancing collections at Canadian’s research libraries.
  • “Leveraging Organizational Expertise and Subject Taxonomies in Collection Development,” by Andy Heng (Singapore). The Singapore library used an organizational expertise taxonomy and its corresponding subject field to help collection development and help raise users’ awareness on available collections. The two schemes to some degree have complimented each other to facilitate users’ resource discovery and access process.
  • “From Red to Green: Building and Managing the Scientific Electronic Collections for a New Sci-Tech University Library,” by Rashed S. AlZahrani and Rinda M. Ramli (Saudi Arabia). While electronic resources at the Saudi library have helped ease geographic barriers, the Library also has to address concerns on manpower, expertise level, budgets, ERM tools, vendor relations, and communication with users. In the end, the library’s strategy prevailed and resulted in better services to the students from Saudi, Middle East, Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.
  • “Together We Are Strong: A Cooperative Approach to Managing Print Collections,” by Matthews Revitt and Clem Guthro (U.S.). Maine Shared Collections Strategy (MSCS), a multitype library partners have taken a cooperative approach to manage legacy print collections. It is worthy of noting MSCS’ experience on extracting and using data for collection analysis; establishing the selection criteria for print titles to be retained; incorporating digital collections; and developing business model and MOU for sharing responsibilities for long-term stewardship of print collections.

Committee Meetings

The committee conducted two meetings on August 17 and August 20. The following items were discussed and acted upon:

New officers elected: Joseph Hafner was re-elected to the committee chair (2013–2015); Regine Schmolling was re-elected to Secretary (2013–2015), and Jérôme Fronty was re-elected to Information Coordinator (2013–2015). The strong leadership will help ensure quality programs at the 2014 IFLA Congress in Lyon, France and at the 2015 IFLA Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

New committee members welcomed: D. S. (Dudu) Nkosi (South Africa, 2013–2017); Benita Snyman (South Africa, 2013–2017); Lidia Uziel (United States, 2013–2017); J. K. Vijayakumar (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2013–2017); Franziska Wein (Germany, 2013–2017), and Yan Zhao (China, 2013–2017).

Other committee actions:

  • Reported the outcomes (very positive) on a professional meeting sponsored by the committee and held in Mexico in June 2013.
  • Reviewed and revised the committee’s strategic action plan for 2011–2012.
  • Formed a working group in organizing the committee’s open program at the 2014 IFLA Congress to be held in Lyon, France.
  • Approved the committee’s satellite conference in August 2014 in Paris, prior to the IFLA Congress.
  • Reviewed current status on the committee’s applications on blogs, Facebook, or Twitter as major communication channels.
  • Continued translations on the committee’s publication, Electronic Resource Guide.

Find more information on the IFLA Acquisition and Collection Development Standing Section Committee online.

—submitted by Sha Li Zhang, University of Montana, Mansfield Library

IFLA Newspapers Section

Open Program

Speakers from the Serials program
Newspapers Section Open Session speakers, front row (l to r): Susan Reilly, The Hague, Netherlands; Wan Wong, National Library of Australia; Hilary Berthon, National Library of Australia; Majlis Bremer-Laamanen, National Library of Finland; Becky Wilson, Susquehanna University Libraries; Sue Kellerman, Penn State University Libraries; Ramesh Gauer, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Back row (l to r):  Erenst Anip, Vermont Newspaper Project; Debora Cheney, Penn State University Libraries.

On Tuesday, August 20, eleven presentations from seven countries were delivered at the Newspapers Section's Open Session. Each author presented a twelve-minute summarized version of their research paper. Paper topics ranged from using social media channels to reach users, locating and digitizing newspapers, and online newspaper clippings to crowd sourcing initiatives, text mining, and the future of news preservation. Abstracts and full text of ten of the eleven papers are now available online via the IFLA Library, IFLA's new repository service for WLIC papers.

Committee Meetings

The IFLA Newspapers Section convened its fortieth business meetings on Saturday, August 17 and Thursday, August 22. Frederick Zarndt presided as Chair of the Section and Sue Kellerman served as secretary. The section recognized its new Standing Committee members in attendance and thanked three of its members who were rotating off the section committee. They included: Philippe Mezzasalma from the BnF, Georgia Higley from the Library of Congress, and Majlis Bremer-Laamanen from the National Library of Finland. Discussion topics covered at both standing committee meetings included the election of new officers, planning a 2014 mid-year conference, and planning the satellite conference to be held in Geneva prior to the 2014 IFLA WLIC in Lyon.

Elections of new Standing Committee officers, for the term 2013–2015, were held at the Saturday, August 17 meeting. The following officers were elected:

  • Chair, Minna Kaulonen, National Library of Finland
  • Secretary, Frederick Zarndt, Global Connections, USA
  • Information Coordinators, Mazelan Anuar and Cally Law, National Library, Singapore

Mike Hall from FamilySearch offered an update on the proposed mid-year 2014 International Newspaper Conference to be held at Salt Lake City, Utah in conjunction with the RootsTech Family History and Technology Conference in February. While the RootTech Conference planners no longer felt they could support/sponsor the mid-year International Newspaper Conference, FamilySearch expressed an interest that they would host and sponsor the event. A small conference planning group was established to prepare an announcement to call for papers and to begin planning venue logistics, setting a conference theme, and inviting speakers.

Chair Frederick Zarndt shared information on the satellite conference to be held prior to the 2014 IFLA Lyon WLIC. The ITU in Geneva, Switzerland agreed to host the two-day conference, tentatively set for August 13–14, 2014. Standing Committee members Ulrich Hagenah, Mona Lokas, and Krista Kiisa agreed to serve as the planning committee for this satellite conference.

Looking forward, the Newspapers Section discussed the following possible future conference venues: a mid-year conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 on online newspapers and e-legal deposit; a 2015 satellite conference in Pretoria, South Africa to be held prior to the 2015 IFLA WLIC in Cape Town, South Africa; and a 2016 mid-year conference in Hamburg, Germany to mark the completion of the Europeana Libraries Project and the newspaper digitization efforts of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

Find more information on the IFLA Newspapers Section online.

Submitted by Sue Kellerman, Penn State University Libraries

IFLA Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section

Open Program

The Standing Committee’s open program, Gold Mining! Text and Data Mining of Journals: Librarians, Publishers and Researchers Excavating the Treasure Trove, was held on August 21, 2013. The program was very well received. An estimated 463 people attended the session. The program was moderated by Wilma Mossink (JISC Collections). The speakers were Ann Okerson (Center for Research Libraries), Helen Heinrich (California State University), Martha Speirs (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy), and David Tempest (Elsevier). Okerson’s paper entitled Text & Data Mining–A Librarian Overview and Martha Speirs’ paper entitled Data Mining for Scholarly Journals: Challenges and Solutions for Libraries are available at http://library.ifla.org.

Since the 2012 IFLA Congress, the Serials and Other Continuing Resources Newsletter has been replaced with the IFLA Serials Blog. During the section’s two business, members discussed possible content for its blog. A general hope was that the blog could help promote the section and its activities. The blog might also be one step in attracting, involving and retaining members from all parts of the serials information chain.

Elections for new section officers were held during the Congress. Wilma Mossink is the new chair of the section. Meg Mering (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is the new secretary. Helen Adey (Nottingham Trent University) is the new Information Coordinator/Web Editor. She is also the immediate past chair. Each officer will serve a two-year term with the possibility of running for a second term.

The section has begun making plans for its program at the 2014 IFLA conference in Lyon, France. Tentatively, the section plans to build upon its success with its 2013 program and explore more aspects of text mining. The section hopes to have a satellite meeting in Durban before the 2015 conference in Cape Town.

Find more information on the IFLA Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section web page.

—Submitted by Meg Mering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Sha Li Zhang with the library staff at Malaysia University Library.
Sha Li Zhang with the library staff at Malaysia University Library.

Library Visit

ALCTS representative Sha Li Zhang also had an opportunity to take advantage of library visits offered by the IFLA Congress. In addition to a couple of visits to the Singapore’s National Library, Sha Li joined a library visit to the main campus library at the Universiti Teknologi Malausia (University of Technology, Malaysia [UTM]) in a southern city, Johor Bahru, Johor, in Malaysia. Following is her description of the experience.

The institution (UTM) was expanded from a small technical school to a university status in 1975. It is among a few public universities in Malaysia with strong research focuses and is able to received research grants from external funding agencies. The library, called Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah (PSZ), is at the central site on the campus. There are several branch libraries in other locations. Upon our arrival on the campus, we received a warm welcome from the UTM library staff who put on their colorful festival dresses and greeted us at the library entrance. Each visiting librarian also received a small package which contained juice, a small cake, and cookies. We were grateful for their thoughtfulness because the treats helped boost our energy after a three-hour bus trip that went through customs in two countries.

One of the chief deputy librarians at PSZ gave us a presentation on the library’s accomplishments, including the library’s institutional repository, increased numbers on electronic resources (databases, e-journals, and e-books), and ILL services. The library has also used social media to distribute library services and reach out to its users. One of the highlights in the presentation was that the library has set up UTM Reading Station at several facilities for the convenience of users to “Read, Borrow, and Enjoy.” The project was very popular and welcomed by users. The library is a spacious one with plenty of seats, desktop computers, and study rooms. Of course, because it was in summer, we did not see many students around.

—submitted by Sha Li Zhang, University of Montana, Mansfield Library