Genevieve Owens Crowned ALCTS President

At the 2013 ALA Annual Conference Inaugural Luncheon, incoming president Genevieve Owens receives a crown given to her by outgoing president Carolynne Myall. An ALCTS tradition since Pamela Bluh's presidency in 2007–08, each incoming president receives a crown made by the outgoing president.



(left) This year, Ron Steensland, retired director of the Lexington, Kentucky Public Library, crowned ALCTS President Genevieve Owens.

(right) Together at the luncheon, wearing their crowns, are (l to r) ALCTS Presidents Genevieve Owens (2013–14), Dina Giambi (2008–09), Brian Schottlaender (2003–04), Carolynn Myall (2012–13), and Betsy Simpson (2011–12).

photo of current and past ALCTS presidents, wearing their crowns

Genevieve Owens gets her presidential crown.