ALCTS Awards

Each year ALCTS and its sections present awards to honor individuals who have made highly significant contributions in the areas of technical services, collection development, and preservation. The 2013 ALCTS awards were presented on June 30, 2013 at a special ceremony during the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. In addition, ALCTS President Carolynne Myall recognized the exceptional achievements of two people who made very special contributions to ALCTS, awarding them with presidential citations.

Randy Silverman accepts the Banks-Harris Preservation Award
PARS Chair Jacob Nadal (left) holds the award while recipient Randy Silverman (center) is congratulated by Robert Strauss, Preservation Technologies.

Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award

Randy Silverman, preservation librarian at the University of Utah, received the Banks-Harris Preservation Award, which recognizes the contribution of a professional preservation specialist who has been active in the field of preservation or conservation for library and archival materials. The award includes a $1,500 cash grant donated by Preservation Technologies, L.P., and a citation.

Silverman has spent his career not only helping his own library develop and implement well integrated preservation programs, but he has also spent considerable time sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues, students and staff from small and large institutions in the United States and abroad and advocating for the preservation of, and access to, historic cultural collections of all kinds. As one of the nominators states, “The field of preservation is quickly changing, and it is a great moment to honor the work of Randy Silverman, who personifies a professional willing to make waves and offer change in a positive way. Randy’s career serves as a reminder that raising awareness and building community are critical parts of the field of preservation, and although many of the issues have changed, the need for strong talented advocates remains.”


The Cuhna Swartzberg Award went to Martha B. Anderson, not pictured.
From left to right: ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Kris Kern, award jury, PARS Chair Jacob Nadal, and Bob Henderson, Hollinger Metal Edge.

George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Preservation Award

The 2013 Cunha-Swartzburg Preservation Award was given to Martha B. Anderson. This award was created to honor these two leaders in preservation and collaboration. Sponsored by Hollinger Metal Edge, the award includes a $1,250 grant and citation.

A pioneer in the field of digital preservation, Anderson managed initiatives and programs for a national collaborative network of more than 200 preservation partners, including developing and implementing strategies, goals and activities to accomplish work set forth in the NDIIPP Plan as approved by Congress. She was recognized by her peers for not only being a strong leader, but as a community builder in the field of digital preservation, one of the most significant challenges facing cultural institutions today. She was able to inspire individuals to work together toward a common goal and share ownership and responsibility for this challenge.



 Marianne Swanberry-Hanley accepts the Jan Merrill Oldham Award
From left to right: ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Hilary Seo, PARS Chair Jacab Nadal, recipient Marianne Swanberry-Hanley, LBI’s Debra Nolan, and an unidentified man.


Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant

Marianne Swanberry-Hanley, assistant librarian/assistant conservator at Syracuse University’s Bird Library, received the Jan Merill-Oldham Professional Development Grant. Sponsored by the Library Binding Institute, this award provides librarians and paraprofessionals new to the preservation field with the opportunity to attend the ALA Annual Conference.

Although Swanberry-Hanley is at an early stage in her preservation career, she is already sharing her knowledge and giving back to the profession by teaching disaster planning and book repair workshops. It is this active participation in the field, beyond the library walls, that represents qualities that Jan Merrill-Oldham would have encouraged. She has shown a dedication to continuing education and a clear commitment to and passion for the preservation profession.



Winner of the Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management.
ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Fannie Cox, award recipient Angela Carreño, CMS Chair Cory Tucker, and Bob Nardini, Coutts Information Services.

Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management

The ALCTS Collection Management Section (CMS) presented the Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management to Angela Carreño, head of collection development at New York University (NYU). The award recognizes significant and innovative contributions to electronic collections management and development practice. The recipient receives a citation and a $1,000 award donated by Coutts Information Services.

Carreño has demonstrated innovation through her creative leadership by developing and implementing models for the selection, management and integration of electronic books (e-books). Her successful negotiations began almost a decade ago and they have evolved to include developing partnerships on multiple levels, beginning at her home institution with other local external institutions, to consortia and then globally with vendors and publishers to make e-books accessible and attainable economically. 



Award recipient Judith Kuhagen and others.
Left to right: ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Karen Miller, CaMMS Chair Erin Stalberg, award recipient Judith Kuhagen, Glenn Patton, OCLC, and an unidentified blonde woman.

Margaret Mann Citation

The 2013 Margaret Mann Citation was awarded to Judith A. Kuhagen. Presented by the ALCTS Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) and sponsored by OCLC, the Mann Citation recognizes outstanding professional achievement in cataloging or classification and includes a $2,000 scholarship donated in the recipient’s honor by OCLC, Inc. to the library school of the winner’s choice. Kuhagen chose the Library and Information Science Program of the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver to be the recipient of this year’s scholarship award.

Kuhagen is recognized for her outstanding record of providing guidance to catalogers worldwide, in the form of expert training, documentation and dedicated encouragement. She retired at the end of 2011 from a distinguished career at the Library of Congress, where she served as a senior cataloging policy specialist in the Policy and Standards Division since 1985. Before her retirement, Judy had primary responsibility for developing RDA documentation, training materials and support at the Library of Congress. As an expert on serials cataloging and series authority work, she developed documentation and training used by catalogers worldwide. Her work, though unattributed, included the CONSER Cataloging Manual, the Descriptive Cataloging Manual, the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations and its successor, the Library of Congress Policy Statements.


Winner of the Harrassowitz Award, Rick Anderson
AS Chair James Dooley (left) holds the award citation, with award recipient Rick Anderson (center) and Friedemann Weigel, HARRASSOWITZ. Award Juror Bob Nardini is speaking from the podium.

HARRASSOWITZ Award for Leadership in Library Acquisitions

Rick Anderson, interim dean and university librarian at the University Utah’s Marriott Library, received the HARRASSOWITZ Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award. The HARRASSOWITZ Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award, sponsored annually by HARRASSOWITZ and named in honor of Dr. Knut Dorn, before his 2011 retirement the longtime senior managing partner at HARRASSOWITZ, is given to a librarian in recognition of outstanding leadership and other contributions in the field of acquisitions and includes a $1,500 award and a citation.

For a decade or more Anderson has regularly addressed librarians on acquisitions and other matters through articles and reviews, a column in Against the Grain, presentations delivered throughout the United States and abroad, his book Buying and Contracting for Resources and Service: A How-to-Do-It Manual for Librarians (Neal-Schuman, 2004), and through discussion lists and blogs such as Liblicense and The Scholarly Kitchen. From these various platforms and others, Anderson has established a thoughtful, irreverent, pragmatic and very personal voice that is recognized and valued not only by those concerned with the acquisitions of serials, monographs and digital content, but by librarians throughout the wider profession.


First Step Award recipient Jennifer Castaldo and others
From left to right: ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Shelley Almgren, CRS Chair Jacquie Samples, award recipient Jennifer Castaldo, Charles Regan, Wiley.

First Step Award–A Wiley Professional Development Grant

The 2013 Wiley Professional Development Grant was awarded to Jennifer Castaldo, electronic resources manager/distance education librarian at the Johns Hopkins University. This award is intended to provide librarians new to the continuing resources field with the opportunity to broaden their perspective and to encourage professional development in ALA Conference and participation in Continuing Resources Section activities.

Castaldo started with continuing resources as an electronic resources intern at Duke University. She began her professional career as distance education librarian in 2008 at Johns Hopkins University, working with a completely online library in the entrepreneurial library program. In 2010, she became the electronic resources manager/distance education librarian at Johns Hopkins, where she is the sole librarian managing all of the resources for the Excelsior College Library. Castaldo expressed a strong desire to network with, and learn from, other librarians at ALA conferences and become involved similarly in the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section.


Ulrich's Award recipient Beverley Geer and others.
ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Bonnie Parks, CRS Chair Jacquie Samples, award recipient Beverley Geer, Jan Burke, Serials Solutions.

Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award

YBP Library Services’ Beverley Geer is the 2013 recipient of the Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award. This award for distinguished contributions to serials, presented by the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS, consists of a citation and $1,500 donated by ProQuest through its Serials Solutions business unit.

Geer’s professional contributions are noteworthy. She has served on several national committees, including chairing the ALCTS Serials Section and serving as NASIG president. She is a well-known trainer and has been involved in the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) since its inception serving as a trainer and leading train-the-trainer sessions. Her scholarly contributions are extremely well regarded and include “A Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Holdings in Maryland” (1991), co-editing the “Serials Report” column of The Serials Librarian with Bea Caraway from 1994-2000, compiling the second edition of “Notes for Serials Catalogers” (1998) and co-editing 1998 “NASIG Proceedings,” which also was co-published as an entire volume of The Serials Librarian. She spent the past fifteen years as assistant editor of Serials Review, where she recruited columnists and nurtured their development.


Award recipient Barbara Tillett and others
ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, Award Juror Janet Lute, ALCTS Past-President Betsy Simpson, award recipient Barbara Tillett, ALCTS President-Elect Genevieve Owens.

Outstanding Publication Award

The Outstanding Publication Award recognizes the author of this year’s outstanding monograph, article, or original paper in the field of technical services. The 2013 ALCTS Outstanding Publication award was given to Ronald Murray and Barbara Tillett for their article “Cataloging Theory in Search of Graph Theory and other Ivory Towers” published in Information Technology and Libraries, 309, no. 4 (December 2011), p. 170-184. The award includes a $250 prize and a citation.

The intellectual content of this article is original and highly thought-provoking. The “re-visioning of cataloging theory” presented by the authors has important theoretical value because it suggests a new and multi-disciplinary method of resource description. Using an ethno-mathematical perspective of simple and complex resource descriptions, patterns have been created and the representations of these patterns as expressions of mathematical ideas are presented. The jury found this to be a really creative spatial way to look at the organization of our bibliographic universe. The article is also timely in that it comes during a period when the field of cataloging is undergoing a great deal of change.



Award recipient Philip Schurer and others.
ALCTS President Carolynne Myall (left) and LRTS Editor Mary Beth Weber (right) flank award recipient Philip Evan Schreur. Award Juror Meg Mering is at the podium.

Edward Swanson Memorial Best of LRTS Award

The Edward Swanson Best of LRTS Award recognizes the best article published in Library Resources & Technical Services during 2013, and includes a $250 prize and a citation. Philip Evan Schreur, head of the metadata department at Stanford University, was honored for his article, “The Academy Unbound: Linked Data as Revolution,” published in Library Resources & Technical Services, volume 55, number 4, October 2012, pages 227-237.

“As more and more aspects of personal and professional life are accessed through the cloud, the potential effect of Linked Data on the universe of information is nothing short of revolutionary. As Schreur so rightly states, ‘the information infrastructure of this world will be dramatically altered as basic tenets of what it collects and how it collects, organizes, and provides information are questioned and rethought.’ He has an exceptional understanding of what Linked Data is and how it works. He interprets well the problems with libraries’ focus on bibliographic records and individual communities, but mostly he is able to explain all issues in a concise and straightforward manner that is understandable to all within a library.”


Xan Arch award winner and others
From left to right: ALCTS President Carolynne Myall (left), Award Juror Karen Darling, award recipient Xan Arch, and Mark Kendall, YBP Library Services.

Esther J. Piercy Award

Xan Arch, director of collection Services, Reed College, Portland, Ore., is the winner of the 2012 Esther J. Piercy Award. The Esther J. Piercy Award was established by ALCTS in 1968 in memory of Esther J. Piercy, the editor of Journal of Cataloging and Classification from 1950 to 1956 and of Library Resources & Technical Services from 1957 to 1967. It is given to recognize the contributions to those areas of librarianship included in library collections and technical services by a librarian with no more than ten years of professional experience who has shown outstanding promise for continuing contribution and leadership. The recipient receives a $1,500 grant donated by YBP Library Services, and a citation.

Her nomination notes that Arch’s “professional scholarly record of both publications and presentations depict a dedicated professional who is contributing to both the development and application of improved methods and the utilization of new techniques within the profession through open source electronic resource management and patron driven acquisition of materials.” She also works extensively with professional organizations; serving on various ALCTS and LITA committees and interest groups, various Orbis Cascade Alliance committees and Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) since its inception.


Ross Atkinson Award recipient Barbara Tillett and others.
Award Juror John Duke, ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, award recipient Barbara Tillett, Kittie Henderson, EBSCO.

Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Barbara Tillett, recently retired chief of the Policy and Standards Division of the Library of Congress, is the 2013 Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. This award honors the memory of Ross Atkinson, a distinguished library leader, author and scholar whose extraordinary service to ALCTS and the library community-at-large serves as a model for those in the field. This award is sponsored by EBSCO Information Services and honors the recipient with $3,000 and a citation.

Through more than forty years of writing, editing and presenting, Tillett has had a profound impact on the intellectual development of the profession and its tools. Her name is instantly recognized among catalogers and technical services librarians as a leading authority on problems of controlling names in catalogs. She has been intimately involved in the development of AACR and has been instrumental in developing the conceptual model for FRBR, or Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, which is one of the building blocks upon which RDA (Resource Description and Access) is built. In both 2005 and 2007, she was awarded the best paper of the year by Cataloging & Classification Services Quarterly. Her formidable work is to be found in numerous contributions to monographs and conference proceedings, often complemented by freely available presentations on the web. She has devoted a lifetime to addressing and advocating for the issues that ensure catalogs are of continuing relevance to library users.

2013 Presidential Citation recipient Debra Spidal. Recipient Donia Conn not pictured.
(From left) ALCTS President Carolynne Myall, ALCTS President-Elect Genevieve Owens, PARS Chair Jacob Nadal, award recipient Debra Spidal, ALCTS Past-President Betsy Simpson.

Presidential Citations

The ALCTS Presidential Citations honors ALCTS members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession, but whose accomplishments do not fall within the criteria for ALCTS’ other awards. ALCTS President Carolynne Myall recognized Debra Spidal for meritorious service in designing and implementing a marketing plan for ALCTS continuing education, and Donia Conn for outstanding contributions to Preservation Week.