From the Editor: June 2017

Looking back at my three years as Editor of ALCTS News, I can say without hesitation that it has been one of the most rewarding roles that I’ve held in nearly 30 years of ALCTS membership. It has allowed me to become more steeped in the activities of the Association than I have ever been. Publishing the conference reports from committees and interest groups, as well as the program, conference, forum and other reports from the Annual Conferences and Midwinter Meetings has helped me to understand not just the workings of CaMMS, which is my home section, but also the activities and concerns of the Acquisitions, Collection Management, Continuing Resources, and Preservation & Reformatting Sections. My takeaway is that ALCTS is filled with some of the most creative and committed colleagues I’ve ever known.Photograph of Editor Rebecca Mugridge

I want to thank the many people who helped me as Editor. Former Editors Mary Beth Weber and Alice Pearman were extremely generous with their time, and I turned to them many times for advice. I especially appreciated tips on good stories to publish that might have escaped my notice. ALCTS Office staff Christine McConnell, Charles Wilt, Keri Cascio, and Brooke Morris have been infinitely helpful and supportive during the past three years. During my three years as Editor, I enjoyed working with all of the ALCTS Presidents, including Genevieve Owens, Mary Page, Norm Medeiros, and Vicki Sipe, and all of the members of the ALCTS Board. The ALCTS News Columnists, Shanna Hollich, Anna Neatrour, and Michelle Flinchbaugh have done a great job promoting ALCTS’ members and communities. Finally, I am truly grateful to all of the reporters and other writers for the ALCTS News. Without their contributions I would not have been able to share all of the great content that ALCTS produces.

As I turn over the editorship to Chelcie Rowell, who becomes Editor as of July 1, I hope that she will enjoy being Editor as much as I have. I know that ALCTS News will be in great hands, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Conference in Chicago later this week and working with you in other capacities!

by Rebecca L. Mugridge, Editor, ALCTS News, 2014-2017