From the Office: ALCTS at 25

No, you are not misreading the title. ALCTS turns 25 in 2014. That is, the ALCTS name turns 25 in 2014. 

In 2007, ALCTS had its fiftieth anniversary, which celebrated the creation of the Resources and Technical Services Division (RTSD) in 1957. That was the consolidation of many previous ALA groups including the cataloging division, serials division, and a few whose names only resonate in historical references. However, in 1989, RTSD was officially changed to ALCTS, the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services. It took several years to get to that point, starting with a resolution in 1984, but in 1988 and 1989, all ALA divisions became “Association.” Hence the division structure you know now was created. And ALA never was the same.

Charles Wilt, ALCTS Executive Director
Charles Wilt, ALCTS Executive Director

ALCTS logo from 1980s.A new logo was created (sort of Peter Max-ish looking, late 80s cool). New catchy phrases introduced. Remember ALCTS selects, ALCTS protects, ALCTS collects… Or maybe you don’t.

An anniversary is a great time to celebrate. I’m sure we can come up with some suitable festivities for Annual Conference. (Cue Handel). Anyway, another reason to celebrate an anniversary is to congratulate ourselves. We are a great association (lead cheers here). We have great members. We have great leaders. And we have a promising future ahead of us. I know you hear of all sorts of doom and gloom about ALA, but we, meaning ALCTS, are prospering. We are continually looking at who we are, what we are doing, where we are going, trying to improve so we can do the important work we do and attract the very best new members we can.

But you know, we are only as good as the effort and dedication of our members. We depend on you to develop the programs, create the continuing education, write the publications, serve on the committees, be a candidate for office, have fun at the member reception, and win awards. That’s a lot for you to do and those of us who have been around a while really, really appreciate you doing so. 

But you know, we are only as good as what we do now. As in, “what have you done for me lately?” Because we have new people coming into our sphere, who might not know how truly awesome we are. So we have to constantly remind ourselves that we have to continue to develop those programs, webinars, web courses, interest group programs, publications, and serve on those committees that do the work.

As ALCTS celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of our proud and respected name, think about how you can contribute to our future, make your mark in ALCTS, teach someone what you know, get to know someone you don’t, help a new member find their way, and push the envelope a little further out. (Pat ourselves on the back here). 

In 2007, we said “We are ALCTS.” In 2014, we say “25 years of awesome.”

Charles Wilt
Your Executive Director

ALCTS buttons from the 1980s
ALCTS Directs--button ALCTS Connects--buttons ALCTS Reflects--button
ALCTS Protects--button ALCTS Expects--button ALCTS Intersects--button
ALCTS Collects--buttons