From the Editor: Summertime = Transition Time

Nearly all of us went through some kind of school system where a summer break meant exactly that: a break. A break from what we knew before, and an opportunity to start anew each fall (or, increasingly, early August).

Alice Pearman, standing atop Mt. Osceola in New Hampshire's White Mountains in early summer.For many of us, summer was not just a break from school, but a time of transition from one year to the next. For many people, growing into professional life removes that transition; there is little change from one year to the next. But in ALCTS, that summer transition is alive and well. Each summer at Annual Conference, chairs and members of our interest groups, committees, and our Board shift and change. The same groups take on a new cadence as we transition to the new leadership.

This summer, the ALCTS News is also making a change. After three years of editing the News, it was my decision to step down and let someone else take the reins.

Editing the ALCTS News has been an incredible learning experience. I never would have learned so much about the organization -- and my profession -- so quickly if I hadn't taken this leap. It was exciting to work through the challenges of establishing the new website; I could not have done it without Christine's fantastic support from the ALCTS office. Most of all, editing the News demonstrates to me once again how every single one of our individual contributions can make a huge difference. Every person who writes any kind of coverage, or submits an idea, contributes to the ALCTS News, and the association as a whole.

I do not plan to stop contributing; you'll continue to see my face in ALCTS, and I look forward to continue working with all of you in one capacity or another.

Enjoy your summer, everyone.

Alice Pearman, Editor, ALCTS News

Pictured: Alice Pearman, standing atop Mt. Osceola in New Hampshire's White Mountains in early summer.