LRTS volume 55, no. 3

July 2011 Contents



Assessing the Cost and Value of Bibliographic Control

Erin Stalberg and Christopher Cronin

Open Access Literature Review 2008–9: A Serials Perspective

Maria Collins

Books as Expressions of Global Cultural Diversity: Data Mining for National Collection Analysis

Timothy J. Dickey


PCC Training for Copy Catalogers: Is It Worth the Investment? The Columbia University Libraries Experience

Natalia Gelber and Irina Kandarasheva

Book Reviews

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Cover image: “Je suis une brave poule de guerre . . .” Artist: G. Douanne (Paris: Comité National de Prevoyance et d’Economies, c. 1917–18). (UNL Poster 243). Reprinted with permission from the WWI Poster Collection of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Archives & Special Collections.