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Upcoming Discussions

Date Topic Host(s)
November 14 Adapting Cataloging Workflows to a Batch Processing Environment Ethan Fenichel, Ariel Turner, and Susan Wynne
December 5 Training for Results: Hard and Soft Skills for Technical Services Staff Terry McQuown and Maggie Dull

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Previous Sessions

Date Topic Host(s)
October 24 The Ins and Outs of Journal Collection Development Marija Markovic and Steve Oberg
September 5 Power that is Moral: Cataloging and Ethics Elizabeth Shoemaker and Violet Fox
August 15 The State of eBooks in Libraries Mariah Harvey and Buddy Pennington
June 13 ALCTS 60th Anniversary e-Forum Erica Findley and Autumn Faulkner
May 2 The Weeding Planner: Managing Massive Weeding Projects Cristina Caminita and Andrea Hebert

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