Surveys and Questionnaires

Surveys or questionnaires may be used to collect information or opinions to assist in planning, publications, or other ALCTS activities.

The ALCTS office designs and conducts electronic surveys only.

A group that wishes to conduct a survey must first submit the survey and a proposal for approval from its section executive committee or the ALCTS Board of Directors, if a division-level group. The proposal should include the title, originating group, contact person name and email, target group, open and close dates, survey content, and use of results (e.g., publication, strategic planning, education development). Once approved the survey and proposal should be sent to the ALCTS Executive Director.

The ALCTS Executive Director reviews the proposal and survey for feasibility and potential duplication or over surveying of a population. The office may edit content for readability, form, and survey mechanics. The office may also refer the proposal to the ALA Office for Research and Statistics for suggestions or revision.