2010 Annual Conference Programs

Converging Metadata Standards in Cultural Institutions: Apples & Oranges

Saturday, June 26, 8–10am

As more digital library initiatives become collaborative and inclusive of content curated outside of libraries, they are faced with the challenge of integrating their own traditional metadata creation practices with those from outside of the profession.  Attendees will learn about digitization projects incorporating archival and museum content, and how those standards have been successfully applied alongside, and crosswalked with, library metadata.


  • Joyce Chapman, Libraries Fellow, North Carolina State University
  • Ching-hsien Wang, Manager, Library & Archives Support Branch Organization, Smithsonian Institution
  • Danielle Plumer, Coordinator, Texas Heritage Online, Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Sponsored by ALCTS Metadata IG. Cosponsored by ALA-SAA-AAM Combined Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM).