2006 Annual Conference

ALCTS events at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Area Studies Librarians: Do you PCC? What the Program for Cooperative Cataloging can do for YOU!

Panel presentation on the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (NACO, BIBCO, SACO, and CONSER) in area studies, with time devoted to audience participation and discussion. The purpose of the program is to promote awareness of PCC and encourage participation by area studies librarians. The themes that may emerge are: successful/unsuccessful stories of PCC participation; engaging the library administration to support PCC; initiating involvement in PCC; issues and challenges of PCC; improving cataloging at the participating institution and sharing with others; international participation.

Speakers: James Lin, Head, Technical Services, Harvard-Yenching Library; Joyce Bell, Catalog Division Coordinator, Princeton University;
Steve Shadle, Serials Cataloger, University of Washington; Andrea Stamm, Head, Catalog Department, Northwestern University; Ana Cristán, Cooperative Cataloging Program Specialist, Library of Congress (Moderator)

Sponsored by ALCTS-CCS, PCC, and AAMES

Publisher Packages in the E-World: New Roles for Libraries, Publishers, and Agents

The effective management of a library's subscriptions has become increasingly more complex in the electronic environment, transforming the three-way partnership among libraries, publishers, and agents. This panel, consisting of recognized leaders representing each group, will discuss the changing roles each play in the life cycle of subscription management from initial ordering through invoicing, renewals, and setup and maintenance of access, particularly under licensing terms for "big deal" agreements, subject collections, and boutique collections from publishers

Sponsored by ALCTS-SS

ALCTS and Continuing Education: How to Build a Successful CE Course

In real estate the mantra is "Location, Location, Location"; in libraries, it's "Training, Training, Training." ALCTS continuing education courses and workshops offer libraries the tools necessary to support essential services and keep up with the latest trends. Successful continuing education programs are the result of careful planning. Learn the ins and outs of CE, including how to develop content and adapt your presentation to new instructional technologies, and take home concrete tips you can apply today!

Speakers: Karen LeTarte, Assistant Head of Cataloging, North Carolina State University Libraries; Trisha Davis, Head of Serials and Electronic Resources, The Ohio State University Libraries; Beth Cackowski, Educational Services Librarian, SOLINET;
Karen Wetzel, Distance Education and Reference Librarian, George Washington University Libraries

ALCTS Open Forum on the "New" Catalog
Understanding Series and the Bibliographic Record: A preview of an ALCTS/PCC workshop

Learn the intricacies of the relationship between the bibliographic record and series authority records as we discuss how to transcribe series into the bibliographic record and how MARC21 series fields are used in this preview of the work being completed by the joint ALCTS/PCC Task Force to Develop Series Training in anticipation of the two day preconferece to be presented at Annual 2007.

Speakers: Rachel L. Wadham, Brigham Young University; Iris Wolley, Columbia University

Sponsored by ALCTS-CCS

FAST: A New System of Subject Access for Cataloging and Metadata

Libraries have been using Library of Congress Subject Headings for over one hundred years. With the growth of electronic resources and the emergence of numerous metadata schemes for their description, there is a need for subject access methods that can handle a large volume of materials without requiring the same amount of effort and cost as in the treatment of traditional library materials. For the last several years, OCLC has been developing FAST subject headings. (FAST - Faceted Application of Subject Terminology.) In 2004, the ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee established a subcommittee to evaluate FAST subject headings from the users' perspective and recommend to the library community whether FAST subject headings is the right direction to go.

Speakers: Ed O'Neill, Consulting Research Scientist, OCLC; Qiang Jin, Cataloging Librarian & NACO Coordinator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Arlene Taylor, Professor Emerita, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Pittsburgh; Shannon Hoffman, Subject Authorities Librarian, Brigham Young University

Sponsored by ALCTS-CCS

Mold and Its Effects: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Staff and Your Collections

Mold is fascinating, despite the fact that it can be destructive, unhealthy, and even sometimes deadly. In addition to gaining a basic understanding of mold and its effects, participants will learn how to reduce the likelihood of a mold infestation, how to recognize early warning signs of an infestation, necessary health and safety precautions, and recommendations for cleaning mold.

Speakers: Tina Mason, Manager of Preservation Services, SOLINET, Inc.; Nancy E. Kraft, Head of Preservation, University of Iowa; Emily Leumas, Archivist, Diocese of Baton Rouge

Sponsored by ALCTS-PARS

Digital Rights Management and Institutional Repositories: Achieving Balance in a Complex Environment

As academic institutions implement institutional repositories, they must remain sensitive to the needs of authors. The technology that enables digital publishing has accelerated faster than our ability to meet the requirements of copyright. Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems provide potential solutions to the complexities of copyright management. This program will provide a forum for discussing trends in DRM and its applications in institutional repositories. This program was developed by the ALCTS Network Resources and Metadata Interest Group.

Speakers: Denise Troll Covey, Principal Librarian for Special Projects, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries; Carol Hixson, Head, Metadata and Digital Library Services, University of Oregon; Karen Coyle, Digital Library Consultant; Edward Colleran, Director of Publisher Relations, Copyright Clearance Center

ALCTS Forum on RDA

Jennifer Bowen's Presentation

This is an informational meeting about RDA, and the format is designed around participants’ questions. Jennifer Bowen, ALA’s representative to the Joint Steering Committee (JSC), will provide an update on the status of RDA to date. Afterwards, Bowen and other JSC members will answer questions about RDA.JSC’s RDA FAQ is available online.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Serials Standards Update Forum

With the increasing uses of link resolvers and electronic resources management software, interoperability among standards has been in discussion among libraries, publishers and vendors. This forum will present updates on serials standards developments affecting library serials management. The topics include ISSN revision; ONIX for Serials transactions (Serials Release Notification, Serials Online Holdings, and Serials Products and Subscriptions); the Digital Library Federation's Electronic Resource Management Initiative (ERMI); and the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI).

Speakers: Regina Romano Reynolds, Head, National Serials Data Program (U.S. ISSN center), Library of Congress; Katharina Klemperer, Library and Information Systems Consulting; Tim Jewell, Head of Collection Management Services, University of Washington Libraries

Sponsored by ALCTS-SS

Understanding LC Classification: A preview of an ALCTS/PCC workshop

A two-day workshop on Library of Congress Classification is being developed by a joint task force of ALCTS and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. This program is a preview of one session, Notation and Cuttering. Attendees will learn about the elements that make up a call number and how they are determined. The session includes practice in assigning Cutter numbers and in spotting errors in call numbers, plus an opportunity to give feedback to the developers.

Speakers: Lori Robare, Assistant Head, Metadata and Digital Library Services, University of Oregon; Caroline Miller, Head, Monographic Cataloging and Authority/Database Maintenance Sections, UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center; Bruce Trumble, Principal Cataloger, Harvard University

Sponsored by ALCTS-CCS

Collection Assessment: Best Practices in the Twenty-first Century

Evaluating collections is an essential activity for all libraries, but it becomes critical for those facing budgetary and space constraints. This program provides an overview of collection assessment and methods used to evaluate collections of resources in all formats. The program begins with an overview of collection assessment and for whom we build collections. The second part describes different collection assessment methods and projects so that participants may identify methods to apply in their own institutions.

Speakers: Peggy Johnson, Associate University Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries; Lucy Eleonore Lyons, Collection Analysis and Planning and Subject Bibliographer, Northwestern University; Paul Metz, Director of Collection Management, Virginia Tech University;
Bonnie Tijerina, Electronic Resources Coordinator, Georgia Tech University; Cory Tucker, Business Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sponsored by ALCTS-CMDS

Saving Sound, Part 2: Implementing an Audio Preservation Program

The second in a series of programs on preservation and digitization of audio resources, this session will provide information on tools to aid in selection of materials for preservation. Two speakers will address technical solutions allowing participants to begin thinking about long-term preservation of their collections, regardless of the size of the institution or its audio holdings. Intellectual property rights and disaster recovery techniques for audio materials will also be addressed.

Speakers: Kate Contakos, Preservation Librarian, New York University Libraries; Tara Kennedy, Preservation Field Services Librarian, Yale University Libraries; George Blood, President, Safe Sound Archive; Charles Kolb, Senior Program Officer, Division of Preservation and Access, National Endowment for the Humanities; Tom Clareson, Program Director for New Initiatives, PALINET

Sponsored by ALCTS-PARS

Monday, June 26 2006

ALCTS President's Program: Information Overload and the Quality of Your Life: Can a New Environmental Movement Restore Balance?

Both the accelerating pace of life and the amount of information we are expected to process trouble many of us. The keynote speaker will develop the notion of information environmentalism as a response to the torrent of 24/7 media and information that is upsetting the balance of our lives. Coping strategies, including preservation of space and time for reading, contemplation, and reflection, will be discussed.

Speakers: Dr. David Levy, Professor, University of Washington Information School; Rosann V. Bazirjian, University Librarian, The University of North Carolina-Greensboro and ALCTS President; Joyce Ogburn, Director of the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah