From the Digital Dark Ages to a Digital Renaissance: the Art of Developing a Digital Preservation Program at Your Library

This webinar focuses on the basic first questions we all must answer in order to begin developing a digital preservation program: What digital content do we have, and what are we responsible for preserving? We begin by identifying all of the digital content that might be within our scope of responsibility. Then we explore strategies for appraisal, prioritization, and acquisition to refine the scope of selecting which digital content should be included in our preservation program.

This is the first of a four-part webinar series based on educational modules developed by the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education unit at the Library of Congress. All four of the webinars in this series complement each other and together can inform the development of an institutional digital preservation program. However, each webinar is also designed to stand alone and can be taken independently to enhance knowledge in one area of digital curation.