Fundamentals of Cataloging Syllabus

Fundamentals of Cataloging Syllabus

This is a self-paced course. See Course Calendar (left side of main page) for suggested dates for each section to allow for easy progress through the course in the allotted 6-week time frame. You must complete and score 70% or higher on all quizzes, and complete the required forum posts for the Pre-Course Assignment and Module 6 in order to receive the Certificate of Completion. Exercises are for additional practice and are not required. The answers are posted directly below the exercises.

Module 1. Cataloging and Catalogs

Welcome Chat Session - Week One

Introduction and Welcome to the Course

Introduce Yourself Forum

Cataloging and Catalogs

Quiz 1: Cataloging and Catalogs 

Creating a Bibliographic Description with AACR2

Quiz 2: Bibliographic Description

Module 1 Exercises (optional)

Discussion and Question Forum 

Module 2. MARC 21

Chat Session - Week Two

Introduction to MARC 21

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data

Quiz 3: MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data

Module 2 Exercises (optional)

Discussion and Questions Forum 

Module 3. Description and Access With RDA 

Chat Session - Week Three

Bibliographic Description Using RDA & MARC 

Quiz 5: Bibliographic Description (RDA) 

Using RDA to Describe more than Books

Bibliographic Data & the Library Catalog

Module 3 Exercises (optional)

MARC record sheet

Discussion and Questions Forum 

Module 4. Subjects

Chat Session - Week Four

Introduction to Subject Cataloging 

Subject Analysis

Quiz 6: Subject vs Genre

Subject Access Points 

Quiz 7: Subject Access Points 


Quiz 8: Classification

Supplementary Documents: LCSH Introduction, SMH H 180, SHM H 1330, Classification and Shelflisting Introduction Sheet G 230 

Introduction Sheet G 230

Discussion and Questions Forum 

Module 5. Access and Authorities 

Chat Session - Week Five

Access Points and Authority Control 

Descriptive Access Points AACR2 

Quiz 9: Descriptive Access Points (AACR2)

Descriptive Access Points with RDA 

Quiz 10: Descriptive Access Points (RDA)

Discussion and Questions Forum 

Module 6. Cataloging by Any Other Name. . . .

Chat Session - Week Six

Shared Cataloging and Masses of Records

Boldly Going Forward

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Library Catalogs 

Quiz 11: Final Quiz 

In Closing

Last Assignment 

Fundamentals of Cataloging  Course Guide

Fundamentals of Cataloging Bibliography