Fundamentals of Cataloging Syllabus

This is a self-paced course. All exercises and tests are required to receive certificate of completion.

Module 1. Cataloging and Catalogs

Welcome Chat Session

Introduction and Welcome to the Course

Introduce Yourself Forum

Cataloging and Catalogs

Cataloging and Catalogs Quiz

Supplementary Documents: Statement of Principles, FRBR (1998), Statement of International Cataloging Principles.

Module 2. Description and Access with AACR2

Chat Session - Week Two

Introduction to Descriptive Cataloging

Creating a Bibliographic Description with AACR2

Bibliographic Description Quiz

Descriptive Access Points with AACR2

Descriptive Access Points Quiz

Module 3. Subjects

Chat Session - Week Three

Introduction to Subject Cataloging

Subject Analysis

Subject Access Points

Subject Access Points Quiz


Classification Quiz

Supplementary Documents: LCSH Introduction, SHM H 180, SHM H 1330, Classification and Shelf listing Instruction Sheet G 230

Module 4. Reading MARC 21

Chat Session - Week Four

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data Quiz

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data Quiz

Module 5. New Frontiers: Description and Access with Resource Description and Access

Chat Session - Week Five

Bibliographic Description Using RDA in MARC

RDA Quiz

RDA Access Points

RDA Access Points Quiz

Postscript on RDA in MARC

Supplementary Document: Report and Recommendations of the U.S. RDA Testing Coordinating Committee

Module 6. Cataloging by Any Other Name. . . .

Chat Session - Week Six

Shared Cataloging and Masses of Records

Boldly Going Forward

Supplementary Document: Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data

In Closing

Fundamentals of Cataloging Bibliography